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Guide to Installing Hockey Pitches and Facilities
13 Jun 2007 09:21

A comprehensive new guide provides a wealth of helpful information and advice for anyone involved in developing a new hockey pitch or facility or in refurbishing existing facilities.

For some time, the FIH Equipment Committee has published technical information about synthetic turf and artificial lighting together with general information in the form of FAQs.  However, this is the first time all the aspects of developing a pitch and its associated facilities have been drawn together in a single, major, guide.

 “We are frequently asked for advice by our member national associations and by owners of pitches” said Equipment Committee chair, Jean-Claude LeClef.  “Questions range from what factors to take into account when planning a new pitch to having it tested when completed but also include things like how to plan the whole project, designing clubhouses and possibly hosting events.  This guide provides a good introduction to all these issues.”

A major contribution to drafting the guide was made by Equipment Committee member John Stapley.  “As a practising engineer and someone who has been involved in the design and construction of many large-scale civil engineering and building works, I know that tackling a project of this sort is a major undertaking.  Many people who will be involved have limited knowledge of the steps required or the aspects to consider.  The guide will help them through the process.  It will still often be necessary, and certainly advisable, to seek specialist input from architects and engineers but the guide will enable pitch owners to ask the specialists appropriate questions and to understand and verify their answers!”

The guide is available to download, free of charge, from the FIH website by clicking here.  It is quite a large document and so has been broken down into sections.  If appropriate, this also enables users to select just the part of the guide in which they are interested.

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