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Hockey Australia Inaugural Hall of Fame
14 Jul 2008 10:32

Hockey Australia has honored its past on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, announcing 22 inaugural Hall of Fame inductees at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For over a century, Australians from all walks of life have been involved in hockey, dedicating themselves to all aspects of the game, from the highest echelons to the grass roots.

The Hockey Australia Hall of Fame has been established to formally recognize those who have achieved excellence in the international arena and, by their achievements, significantly enhanced the image of the sport.

With that in mind the Hall of Fame selection process proved challenging due to the numerous outstanding candidates eligible for selection.

Hockey Australia Board Member Richard Aggiss, a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee, said that although the process of selecting the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees was rewarding, the committee found it difficult to select only 22 recipients.

'Selection was a difficult but exciting process - reviewing the history of the game going back to the early 1900's and comparing those players against the current era made selection a tough task.' said Aggiss.

Overall eleven males and eleven females have been awarded Hall of Fame status, with Aggiss hoping the event will continue on an annual basis.

'Given the enormous success over the last number of years and to best represent all eras of Australian hockey it was decided to limit the initial group of inductees to those players and officials who retired from international hockey prior to 2000. I look forward to adding more names to the Hall of Fame from the modern era on a regular basis.'

Aggiss highlighted the significance of not restricting the Hall of Fame inductees to players only.

'It was important from the selection committee's point of view to not only recognise the players contribution to the game, but to make sure the contributions of our coaches and umpires were held in equally high regard. I believe we achieved this through the several coaches and umpires who have been awarded Hall of Fame status.'

Each Hall of Fame inductee received a custom minted solid silver medallion struck by Perth Mint, with this keepsake set to become the perpetual memento to all Hall of Fame inductees.

Overall 19 of the 22 inductees were present for the event, with Evelyn Tazewell, May Campbell and Audrey James all represented by various friends and family due to their passing.

The significance of the night was not lost on one of the most famous inductees in Ric Charlesworth OAM, who flew all the way from India just to be present for the event.

2008 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ian Dick - Australian debut 1948
Western Australia

Eric Pearce - Australian debut 1955
Western Australia

Julian Pearce - Australian debut 1960
Western Australia

Paul Dearing - Australian debut 1963
New South Wales

Brian Glencross OAM - Australian debut 1964
Western Australia

Robert Haigh - Australian debut 1966
South Australia

Ron Riley OAM - Australian debut 1967
New South Wales

Ric Charlesworth OAM - Australian debut 1972
Western Australia

David Bell OAM - Australian debut 1975
Western Australia

Warren Birmingham - Australian debut 1984
New South Wales

Mark Hager - Australian debut 1985

Evelyn Tazewell - Australian debut 1925

May Campbell (nee Pearce) - Australian debut 1934
Western Australia

Audrey James (nee Jones) - Australian debut 1946
Western Australia

Wendy Pritchard (nee Butcher) - Australian debut 1965
Western Australia

Mavis Gray (nee Beckett) - Australian debut 1969
Western Australia

Dianne Gorman OAM (nee Dowd) - Australian debut 1972
New South Wales

Marian Aylmore (nee Bell) - Australian debut 1974
Western Australia

Robyn Bannerman OAM (Davis, nee Downey) - International debut 1975

Sharon Buchanan OAM (Patmore/Reid) - Australian debut 1980
Western Australia

Liane Tooth OAM - Australian debut 1984
New South Wales

Jackie Pereira OAM - Australian debut 1986
Western Australia

Source: Hockey Australia

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