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EHF Umpires Seminar in Vienna, Austria
19 Dec 2008 07:48

Over the weekend of 13-14 December 2008, 23 female umpires (including 2 from the Czech Republic) attended an Umpires Seminar in Vienna (AUT). The Seminar was supported by the EHF Women in Umpiring fund and also received assistance from the FIH’s WorldHockey Umpiring Boost budget.

The Conductor was Renee Cohen from the Netherlands, a former International World Panel Umpire and now an FIH International Umpires Manager. Using many video examples and drawing upon experiences from her own career, Renee ensured an interesting Seminar with lively discussions.

The chief aims of the weekend were that the participants would be able to transfer their acquired knowledge to their own umpiring, whilst also increasing their motivation and commitment to their umpiring ‘careers’.

The Austrian Hockey Federation would like to thank not only Renee Cohen for conducting the Seminar, but also all the participants for their active co-operation and interest.

Participants:  Umpires: Schwarz Monika, Albrecht Miriam, Starsich Elisabeth, Specjal Monika, Deutsch Angelika, Rebek Sylvia, Fixl Anja, Billing Sabine, Scherz Verena, Anderlik Theresa, Schrodt Julia, Kletzl Judith, Idinger Lisa, Buchta Andrea, Eismayer Violeta, Dragosits Daniela, Hadamofsky Christine, Steiner Nicole, Kramer Tamara, Knaus Ulrike (all AUT) Kavanova Dana (CZE), Kozakova Pavla (CZE). Umpire Coach: Binder Uschi (AUT)

Source: Austrian Hockey Federation

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