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USA and Chile advance to the semi-finals
11 Feb 2022 02:14

Picture Alex Masters

The USA remain unbeaten at the Women’s Pan American Cup in Bermuda, and advance to the semi-finals with Chile, after wins over Mexico (6-0) and Jamaica (2-0).

Jamaica – Chile: 0 - 2

Although the score line, 2-0 in favor of Chile, may suggest an easy win, it was not a walk in the park as Chile were made to work hard for their victory by the competitive and competent Jamaican squad.  

Chile used the entire pitch, moving the ball from left to right, but Jamaica kept pace with every move. Jamaica’s central midfield Shakeela Elliot threatened too as she continuously found her forwards, but was constantly let down by their inefficiency.

Chile use of the pitch paid off when central midfielder Javiera Villagra connected with Camilia Infante on the right flank, who attacked the semi-circle and was awarded a penalty corner. Denise Infante converted to give Chile a 1-0 lead in the 17th minute. Seconds after, Daniela Caram scored their second goal after Chile intercepted a Jamaican pass.

In the second half, Jamaica squandered several opportunities, but continued to successfully defend the penalty corners and kept Chile at bay. In the 67th minute Jamaica’s goalkeeper, Fayona Mullings, made a spectacular save that summed up her team’s overall performance and, although Chile took the three points, Jamaica walked off with the satisfaction of frustrating the 17th ranked team in the world.

USA – Mexico: 6 - 0

USA move forward to the semi-final round with a 6-0 victory over Mexico. The Olympians dominated the one-sided game and completed a well-executed penalty corner by Tiffany Snow in the 3rd minute of the game to signal their intention. And, with the majority of the game being played in Mexico’s half, Lauren Powley displayed some nifty stick work to elude two Mexican defenders and rocket the ball pass the goalkeeper for the second goal.

The second half continued with the same format, and at times, there were 20 players in Mexico’s 25-yard area. With slick passes and penetrative runs the Olympians regularly found their target.  Rachel Dawson’s penalty corner in the 43rd, Tiffany Snow’s deflection from a Dawson pass in the 47th, Keli Smith’s field goal in the 52nd and a Snow’s field goal and hat-trick in the 55th minute gave the USA a 6-0 win.

For more information, results, reports and pictures, check the Pan American Hockey Federation website by clicking here.

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