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FIH launch Samsung Champions Trophy Women 2008 website
15 May 2008 13:56


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has launched the website for the Samsung Champions Trophy Women 2008, which takes place in Germany.

The top level tournament is being held at the Warsteiner Hockey Park in Mönchengladbach – the venue for the hugely successful BDO Men’s World Cup in 2006. The eagerly anticipated event begins Saturday 17 May, and features the national teams from Australia, Argentina, China, Germany, Japan & The Netherlands. The tournament finishes on Sunday 25th May.

The prestigious tournament is one of the highlights in an incredibly busy year, and will be a chance for some of the world’s finest international teams and players to test themselves against the toughest opponents ahead of the Olympic Games in August. The tournament is likely to be fiercely contested – a successful Champions Trophy could be the catalyst to a place on the podium in Beijing.

The Netherlands (pictured above) will be hoping to defend the title that they won in 2007, when a solitary goal from Maartje Paumen was enough to beat home favourites Argentina in Quilmes.  

The microsite aims to provide up to the minute information, with results, scorers, photos, official match sheets and full tables all available for viewing. The site also plans to use the popular 'Live Commentary' feature, giving you the chance to view written reports from your computer as the action takes place.

The tournament media guide, provided by Infostrada, is now available. It gives full information on the participating teams and players, as well as detailed information of the tournament history and statistics.

To see the tournament media guide, click here

Video Umpire – Rule Amendments: There have been some minor amendments to the regulations regarding the video umpire for this tournament. These adjustments have been brought in to counteract problems that have occurred at previous tournaments. This regulation is only being trialled at the men’s and women’s Champions Trophies 2008, but a formal proposal may be put to the Executive Board following the completion of both of these events if the trial is deemed a success. For full details of the amendments to the video umpire regulation, see below.

To visit the FIH tournament microsite for the Samsung Champions Trophy Women 2008, click here.

Amendment to Regulation 14 effective as from 14 May 2008
Power to refer decisions to the video umpire:
(a) The match umpires are the only persons who can refer decisions to the video umpire.
(b) Referrals cannot be made as a result of protests, queries or pressure from players, team managers or coaches on any decision. Teams (and their captains) will be held responsible for any violation or abuse of the video umpire protocols.
(c) No one, including the video umpire or technical officials at the technical table, can stop the match to request a referral.
14.2 The match umpires may refer decisions to the video umpire when they are not convinced that they have taken, or are able to take, the correct decision relating to the awarding or disallowing of goals.
Referrals shall only relate to whether or not a goal has been legally scored.
14.3 The match umpires shall therefore be entitled to request the Video Umpire to assist in making decisions (related to whether or not a goal has been legally scored) which will include, but are not restricted to:
(a) Whether the ball crossed the goal line (within the area bounded by the goal posts and crossbar).
(b) Whether the ball was legally played or touched inside the circle by the stick of an attacker before the ball crossed the goal line.
(c) Whether the ball travelled outside the circle before it entered the goal during the taking of a penalty corner
(d) Whether a breach of the rules has been observed within the attacking circle in the play leading to the awarding or disallowing of a goal. It is then for the umpire to take any breach into account in reaching his decision
14.4 The video umpire shall call for as many replays from any camera angle as necessary to reach a decision.
The Video Umpire will provide his advice and recommendation (‘Goal’ or ‘No Goal’ or ‘No decision possible’; plus advice on any observed breach of the rules) within the shortest time frame possible. If a breach of the rules is observed and advised to the match umpire, it is then for the match umpire to take into account the breach in reaching his final decision.
14.5 The final decision still remains with the match umpire and not the video umpire.
14.6 All other decisions shall remain with the match umpires.

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