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Orange squeezed out?
26 Jun 2008 22:19

© FIH / Dr. Wolfgang Sternberger

Dwyer leads Australia to victory over Germany 3:1 (1:1)

We started the day with Olympic Champions vs World Champions. Both teams had mixed results previously and started with 4 points in their opening three matches.

The first half started with Germany scooping the ball to break the Australian press. Travis BROOKS was able to intercept one and centered the ball to Jamie DWYER who seemed to sweep the ball into the goal over a sliding Max WEINHOLD. The decision was referred to video umpire Satinder KUMAR. After a long delay he disallowed the goal as it had apparently come off the body of DWYER on the way to the goal.

DWYER wouldn't be denied, 3 minutes later he accelerated through the midfield to earn a free hit, Mark KNOWLES stepped up quickly to take it and found DWYER for the deflection and an early lead.

The match continued with some physical play with the teams exchanging green cards. Germany generated two shots on goal, both of which were cleared high by Stephen LAMBERT and the second one called a Penalty Corner. Florian KELLER made no mistake with the drag flick for the equalizer.

Again more rough tackling before the half, Luke DOERNER with a yellow card left Australia short. Germany was not able to convert with the advantage and the teams went to the changeroom with a draw, a scoreline that flattered Germany.

The second half started with Germany showing more urgency. Still enjoying the man advantage, they were able to find Niklas MEINERT and his reverse stick shot was blocked. DOERNER came back onto the field but Germany continued to press, this left them thinner at the back. Germany was unable to clear a loose ball in the circle, Fergus KAVANAGH pounced on it and sounded the far sideboard to restore Australia's lead.

Carlos NEVADO was able to earn a Penalty Corner for Germany with an inspired run. Germany executed a layoff for Timo WESS, but shoots wide. Australia countered with another run by Jamie DWYER, he accelerated by two German defenders and finally found Eddie OCKENDEN open for a deft touch into the goal.

Australia defended well for the remainder, despite OCKENDEN receiving their second yellow card of the match. A late penalty corner save by LAMBERT sealed the win for the Oceanic champions. The result puts Australia in a tie at the top of the table with just goal difference keeping them behind Spain, while the loss makes it difficult for Germany to earn their way to the final.

Korea with late victory against The Netherlands

In the final match of day Korea were looking for their first points of the tournament against the hosts The Netherlands. All was going to form early on for the Dutch as they quickely pressured the Korean defense. This was rewarded when Teun de NOOIJER converted a powerful reverse stick cross from Timme HOYNG. This was greeted by a roar from the crowd at HC Rotterdam.

Korea fought back and forced Holland the work hard to stop their circle penetrations. A penalty corner for Korea in the 11th minute was saved well by Guus VOGELS and a better save by Geert-Jan DERIKX on the goalline prevented Nam Yong LEE from converting the rebound.

The early goal may have rattled Myung Ho LEE in the Korean goal as this was his first start in the Champions Trophy. He quickly recovered with a number of saves to keep the deficit at one.

Korea earned another penalty corner at the 28 minute mark and this time Jong Hyun JANG got the equalizer with a low hard drag flick that VOGELS could not reach. They were not finished for the half and Jong Ho SEO converted a big rebound off a powerful shot by Sam Seok KIM to give Korea their first lead of the tournament to go into the half.

The Netherlands showed increased urgency in the second half and were rewarded quickly when Floris EVERS drove a cross into the circle that Korea could not clear resulting in a penalty corner. The drag flick was initially saved by Myung Ho LEE but the rebound was high for another penalty corner. This time Roderick WEUSTHOF found some space and Holland drew even again.

Play continued in the midfield, but both teams would not be satisfied with a draw in this match. The Netherlands struck with Ronald BROUWER collecting a long pass and found some rare space in the Korean circle and slammed a reverse stick shot against the backboard. Holland with the lead with just seven minutes to play, the fans at H.C. Rotterdam were ecstatic.

Korea were not through however, they came strong after the push back and Hyo Sik YOU was tackled hard and earned a penalty stroke just one minute later. Woon Kon YEO took his time and finished high stick side to pull Korea back. At this point the result could have gone either way with the teams spread out and playing the long ball to get a last minute chance. Jong Ho SEO able to get it into the circle and Rob DERIKX cleared the ball high and The Netherlands had to defend another penalty corner. Jong Hyun JANG finished the scoring in this amazing game with a low drag flick that eluded VOGELS.

With this win, Korea unfortunately remains at the bottom of the table. They have scored the most goals in the tournament, but also have conceded the most and that speaks loudly for their current standing.

The Netherlands have dropped two games in a row for the first time in a row since 2004 in a Champions Trophy. They have not built on their opening two wins and are now 4th in the pool. They no long control their own destiny and will require help from the other teams in the next round of matches.

Australia - Germany 3:1 (1:1)
AUS - Jamie DWYER FG 17m
GER - Florian KELLER PC 26m
AUS - Fergus KAVANAGH FG 44m

Korea - Netherlands 4:3 (2:1)
NED - de NOOIJER Teun FG 5m
KOR - JANG Jong Hyun PC 27m
KOR - SEO Jong Ho 32m
NED - WEUSTHOF Roderick 41m
NED - BROUWER Ronald 63m
KOR - YEO Woon Kon 64m
KOR - JANG Jong Hyun 68m

For more information on the tournament, including action photos, live commentary from ongoing matches and previews for upcoming matches, please visit the dedicated tournament site.

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