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The challenges of FIH’s new countries
01 Oct 2008 09:42

© FIH / Gordon Morrison

With the help of the FIH and PAHF, Jorge Querejeta, CDO for the Americas, keeps on assisting the four countries which were recently incorporated to the FIH as full members. Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala managed to organize their own Field Hockey Associations.

By: Jorge Querejeta, FIH Continental Development Officer for the Americas


The new countries have already received the second delivery of sports equipment (granted by the FIH) for the development and introduction of hockey at schools. Argentinean coaches have visited each of the NAs to train the physical education teachers who are in charge of introducing hockey.

The key people of the federations have also received a great deal of instructions, advice and general guidelines from the CDO. They have received the “briefcase” for new NAs with relevant information on how to set up their umpiring-, coaching-, club/school- and NA structures. Manuals and CDs on the WorldHockey Umpiring Boost, Club/NA Development and the FIH Coaching guidelines form part of this briefcase.

The PAHF is continuing its assistance during the next period of October-November. During these months the new countries will receive another visit of a coach. The CDO will visit the National Olympic Committees, whose help in each of the respective countries has been really significant.


The teachers of the relevant countries are making a great endeavor to introduce the sport.

A large number of youths have been attracted, where hockey was almost unknown two years ago. 


It is really necessary to continue giving assistance as strongly as possible. The most difficult part is to set up a good organization in each Association and to recruit volunteers. In many countries veterans take up voluntary positions, but as the sport is new in Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala, hockey veterans do not exist.

The economic situation of these countries is also not in favor of developing hockey. The NAs have difficulties affording the payment of their memberships and Customs expenses are huge. They have not built up a relationship yet with their Sports Ministries, so they do not receive any economic aid yet. Reason enough to keep continuing the support to these starting hockey nations!


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