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FIH announces WorldHockey All Star Teams 2008
22 Nov 2008 18:07

© FIH / Gordon Morrison

After the success of the WorldHockey All Star Teams in 2006 and 2007, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) is pleased to announce the WorldHockey All Star Teams of 2008. Only the best 18 players of the world in each gender are part of this team, which was chosen by hockey experts from all over the world.

The announcement of the WorldHockey All Star Teams was made in Los Angeles, USA on the eve of the FIH Congress and Meetings week, which starts on Sunday 23 November 2008. During the week, the FIH will also announce the 2008 Players of the Year, for which the award ceremony will take place at Universal Studios on Friday 28 November 2008.

The following players (in alphabetical order) were selected for the WorldHockey All Star Teams 2008:

Men’s WorldHockey All Stars 2008:

  • Pol Amat (Spain)
  • Sebastian Biederlack (Germany)
  • Rehan Butt (Pakistan)
  • Jamie Dwyer (Australia)
  • Santi Freixa (Spain)
  • Bevan George (Australia)
  • Rodrigo Garza (Spain)
  • Robert van der Horst (Netherlands)
  • Alistair McGregor, goalkeeper (Great Britain)
  • Barry Middleton (Great Britain)
  • Teun de Nooijer (Netherlands)
  • Eddie Ockenden (Australia)
  • Jong Ho Seo (Korea)
  • Eduard Tubau (Spain)
  • Guus Vogels, goalkeeper (Netherlands)
  • Tibor Weissenborn (Germany)
  • Timo Wess (Germany)
  • Matthias Witthaus (Germany)
  • Maurits Hendriks, coach (Spain)
  • Markus Weise, coach (Germany)

Click here for an overview of the Men’s WorldHockey All Star Team 2008

Women’s WorldHockey All Stars 2008:

  • Naomi van As (Netherlands)
  • Luciana Aymar (Argentina)
  • Tina Bachman (Germany)
  • Minke Booij (Netherlands)
  • Kaori Chiba (Japan)
  • Baorong Fu (China)
  • Alejandra Gulla (Argentina)
  • Rachel Imison, goalkeeper (Australia)
  • Natascha Keller (Germany)
  • Seon Ok Lee (Korea)
  • Yibo Ma (China)
  • Maartje Paumen (Netherlands)
  • Carla Rebecchi (Argentina)
  • Fanny Rinne (Germany)
  • Maria Jesus Rosa, goalkeeper (Spain)
  • Janneke Schopman (Netherlands)
  • Qingling Song (China)
  • Melanie Wells (Australia)
  • Mark Lammers (Netherlands)
  • Chang Back Kim, coach (China)

Click here for an overview of the Women’s WorldHockey All Star Team 2008

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