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High Performance Coaching Seminar
20 Apr 2006 08:39

FIH WorldHockey Final Coaching Seminar 2006

Download the Application Form

FIH and Deutscher Hockey Bund (DHB), is organising the FIH WorldHockey Final Coaching Seminar, which will take place in conjunction with the men’s BDO Hockey World Cup from Saturday 2 September until Saturday 9 September, 2006, in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

FIH Master Coaches Tayyab Ikram and Ruediger Haenel will be the conductors and main presenters. FIH will announce the third conductor (also an FIH Master Coach) soon.

Besides the main conductors other FIH Master Coaches and head coaches of the world’s top teams will also make presentations.

All the conductors and presenters have impressive experience of international coaching and conducting coaching courses at the top level around the world.

Combined Seminar Format
This seminar is designed to allow participation for two categories of coaches

Group A: Final Seminar Participants from the FIH Selected list: (Pre-Qualified Coaches)
This group consists of coaches who earned a qualification for the participation in a final seminar in a previous FIH Coaching Course. In Mönchengladbach they will have the opportunity to earn a nomination for the appointment as FIH Coach or FIH Coach Grade I.

Group B: Participants from open applications
This group of coaches will have the opportunity in Mönchengladbach to earn a qualification for participation in a future FIH Final Seminar.

Group A: Maximum 12 participants
Final Seminar Participants from the FIH Selected list: (Pre-Qualified Coaches).

Participants' Qualification
In this group we will only accept as participants those knowledgeable and experienced hockey coaches, who:

  •  Have participated in an earlier FIH International Coaching Course, High Performance or Development Coaching Course and have been awarded the qualification “highly recommended” or “recommended” for participation in an FIH Final Seminar.
  • International top coaches by special invitation to apply for participation.
  • FIH coaches who aim at upgrading to FIH Coach Grade I

When there are more qualified applications than the maximum number of 12 participants, the FIHDCC will select the participants from the applicants.

Each invited participant under Group A must submit a written paper on an agreed coaching subject and will make a presentation and conduct a practical session.

The candidates for the Final Seminar (Group A) will receive separately the complete information and guidelines for the submission of their written paper and their presentation.

Note: The Coaches belonging to Group A will have the opportunity to earn a nomination for the appointment as FIH Coach or FIH Coach Grade I.

Group B: (Maximum 14 participants)
National Hockey Associations can apply for participation in the FIH WorldHockey Final Coaching Seminar, but only for Group B for one or two of their coaches who meet the requirements.

Participants' Qualification
Coaches must be knowledgeable and experienced in High Performance Coaching with good understanding of English. If their National Association has a coach accreditation or certification system, they must have been awarded the highest grade in that system.

High Performance Coaching is the coaching of high level adult hockey players and preparing teams for high level national and international competitions.

Participants must also be prepared and able to transfer their know-how to other coaches in their countries. This is a requirement because FIH wants to ensure that participants in its courses share their existing and newly acquired knowledge with other coaches in their countries.

When there are more qualified applications than the maximum number of 14 participants, the FIHDCC will select the participants from among the applicants.

Note: Deserving participants from Group B can be recommended by the conductors after assessment of their performance and contribution during the seminar, for participation in a later FIH Final Coaching Seminar.

Observers: (Maximum 4 observers)
The observers will be invited in consultation with the DHB (German Hockey Federation). They must be also experienced coaches.

The seminar will be an excellent opportunity for coaches to gain knowledge and experience in an international exchange. It will be a learning experience as well as an opportunity to qualify in the FIH certification and accreditation system.

The seminar will be held in accordance with the FIH Guidelines for the Organisation of Coaching Courses and the Certification of Coaches. The new version of the Guidelines mentioned above is available on the FIH website under the coaching section and is also available from your Association. Copies can be obtained upon request from the FIH office in Lausanne.

Participation Fee
The participation fee, to be paid in advance, but after acceptance of the application and final registration (in June) by every participant from Group A & B and observers, is €550. The participants receive, at no additional charge, seven nights lodging in double rooms, all meals from Saturday, 2 September (dinner), to Saturday, 9 September (breakfast), 2006, entrance tickets for the BDO Hockey World Cup for the duration of the seminar, local transportation, refreshments during seminar hours and an official FIH certificate of participation.

There will be some arrangements for the participants if they wish to extend their stay at an extra cost. There will be no reimbursement in case of withdrawal after 30 July, 2006.

The seminar program will include:

  • Welcome dinner and introductory meeting
  • Presentations from Course conductors and from Final (A) participants, practical coaching sessions, discussions, special presentations, and contributions from participants in Group B
  • Match analysis of BDO Hockey World Cup matches
  • Official closing dinner and presentation of certificates of participation.

Note: All participants will receive the complete seminar program after their final registration. They should bring their sports uniform and hockey sticks for practical sessions.

For the selection of the participants, the FIH Development & Coaching Committee will assess the qualifications of the applicants. It is also an aim to make the participation in the seminar as international as possible. FIH will send registration invitations to selected participants before 10 June, 2006. Those applicants who are not selected will also receive a reply.

When sending applications, National Associations shall give their order of priority, if they apply for more than one coach. The FIH will inform the National Associations before 10 June, 2006, about the status of their coaches as some applications may, regretfully, not be accepted in case of a large number of applications being received.

Please send the application form to Tayyab Ikram , FIH Coaching Manager - using  one form for each coach –signed on behalf of the National Hockey Association and by the coach concerned. by fax (+41 21 641 0607) or E-mail:  , to the FIH office in Lausanne, before 30 May, 2006.

For further information, contact Tayyab Ikram, FIH Coaching Manager, email or .

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