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Uhlenhorster & HGC reach EHL Final
10 May 2008 23:56


In what was breathtaking day of action in the Euro Hockey League Semi Finals, Uhlenhorster and HGC both produced outstanding performances in their respective matches to reach Sunday’s final.
Finding themselves 2-0 down just after half time, Uhlenhorster produced a wonderful fight back to win 5-2 against Spain’s Club Egara the first semi final. HGC were impressive in the second semi final of the day, defeating host club H.C. Rotterdam 7-4, but the match was far from a one sided contest.

Semi Final 1: Uhlenhorster 5-2 Egara
Uhlenhorster came back from a two goal deficit to win 5-2 in a simply magnificent Euro Hockey League semi final in Rotterdam. 

The action as it happened…
Uhlenhorster 0-1 Club Egara - David Alegre FG 11m: David Alegre – only passed fit this morning – picks up the ball in the circle before smashing his reverse stick effort into the goal from the tightest of angles.
Uhlenhorster 0-2 Club Egara - Jordi Clapes FG 39m: A brilliant run from Edi Tubau creates space for Egara before Jordi Clapes deflects a cross into the goal.  
Uhlenhorster 1-2 Club Egara – Patrick Breitenstein PC 47m: The side from Germany get right back into the match thanks to a powerful penalty corner drag flick from Patrick Breitenstein. 
Uhlenhorster 2-2 Club Egara – Philip Sunkel FG 53m: A cross from the right is deflected into the goal by Uhlenhorster’s star striker Philip Sunkel to level the scores.
Uhlenhorster 3-2 Club Egara – Christoph Amend FG 63m: A driving run from Amend sees the midfielder strike the ball at the top of the circle, but his effort takes a wicked deflection from an Egara stick and sails over the keeper and into the net. 
Uhlenhorster 4-2 Club Egara – Patrick Breitenstein PS 64m: Breitenstein sends the keeper the wrong way from the penalty spot, taking Uhlenhorster one step closer to Sunday’s final. 
Uhlenhorster 5-2 Club Egara – Benjamin Kopp FG 65m: Benjamin Kopp controls a pass from the right directly in front of goal, before turning and finding the bottom corner to seal Uhlenhorster’s place in the final.

Semi Final 2: H.C. Rotterdam 4-7 HGC
HGC defeated H.C. Rotterdam 7-4 in the second Euro Hockey League semi final to set up a mouth-watering clash against Uhlenhorster in tomorrow's final.

The action as it happened…
Rotterdam 0-1 HGC - Bram Lomans PC 6m: Great Britain’s Barry Middleton wins a penalty corner for HGC, and Lomans slams the ball into the bottom corner with incredible power.
Rotterdam 0-2 HGC – Rody Hofkamp FG 20m: Hofkamp makes it 2-0 with a brilliant strike from the right, make the most of an error from H.C. Rotterdam’s Thijs de Greeff.
Rotterdam 0-3 HGC – Timmo Kranstauber FG 23m: Barry Middleton misses a chance before the ball falls to Timmo Kranstauber who made no mistake in front of goal. 
Rotterdam 1-3 HGC – Sohail Abbas PC 26m: Sohail Abbas steps up and launches the ball into the top corner to bring Rotterdam right back into the game.
Rotterdam 1-4 HGC - Joris Albers FG 28m: An immediate response from HGC, as Joris Albers puts the ball in the back of the net after excellent play from Ken Pereira.
H.C. Rotterdam 2-4 HGC – Jeroen Hertzberger FG 41m: Jeroen Hertzberger picks up the ball wide right before driving into the circle and smashing the ball past the left ear of the goalkeeper and into the top corner.
H.C. Rotterdam 3-4 HGC – Sohail Abbas PC 46m: Jeroen Hertzberger wins a penalty corner for his team and Sohail Abbas emphatically slams the ball into the roof of the net to reduce the deficit to just one goal.
H.C. Rotterdam 3-5 HGC –  Joris Albers FG 55m: HGC re-establish a two goal lead, thanks to excellent work from their captain Mike Husken who crosses for Joris Albers to tap into the goal.
H.C. Rotterdam 3-6 HGC –  Barry Middleton FG 60m: Barry Middleton beats Sohail Abbas with excellent skills before firing a brilliant reverse stick shot inside the post.
H.C. Rotterdam 3-7 HGC – Ken Pereira FG 63m: Ken Pereira scores the goal that he thoroughly deserved, casually flicking the ball into the net after beating the keeper. 
H.C. Rotterdam 4-7 HGC – Michiel van Vugt FG 70m: H.C. Rotterdam scores a consolation goal in the 70th minute, when Michiel van Vugt deflected a cross from the left into the roof of the net.

Sunday’s Euro Hockey League Fixtures

3rd Place Play-Off
Club Egara v HC Rotterdam – 12:00 (GMT +2)

2007/08 Euro Hockey League Final
Uhlenhorster v HGC – 14:30 (GMT +2)

For more information about Saturday’s action and Sunday’s finals, please click here.

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