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Online analysis from Maurits Hendriks (right) and Tayyab Ikram (left) at the 23rd Men's Champions Trophy Rotterdam



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11.00 Bronze Medal Match - Pakistan vs Netherlands

NED forced to make change to starting line up when van WEEL injured himself, so they are starting with LOMANS.

Both teams start unchanged from their previous match.

Looks like we have a very open match with a lot of space between offence and defence – both teams

7th min

If you allow for that type of game, we will see a lot of circle penetrations, but it also means that it will be very difficult to control this match

8th min

1st penalty corner, the dutch used their now main striker TAEKEMA, no doubt we will see LOMANS performing later on

PAK seems to have decided to keep KASHIF playing in the dutch half, playing him very deep

What is going to be interesting, is to see if the dutch GEERIS will play an important role in attack, because he’s not marking SHAHBAZ, so they’re both unmarked.

14th min

first time we see GEERIS, completely open deep in the 25, being allowed to give a pass to de NOOIJER at the top of the D, who shoot right and low to score

SHAHBAZ seems to be looking for a through pass from his midfield, whereas GEERIS is joining in deep attack

Another interesting decision – with de NOOIJER playing centre half, he finds himself with a lot of space, because SAQLAIN as a typical Pakistan centre half, is playing deep defence

19th min

Dutch played their 3rd pc, variation back to the left, to the pushout, an option that every country has used against PAK, the option still seems to be open. The shot was pushed wide

20th min

Fast break with EIKELBOOM and de NOOIJER, leading to several shots on goal! Ronald BROUWER, scoring. 2-0

NED taking advantage of space between PAK’s forward line and defence line

22nd min

What is especially hurting PAK, is that the centre half SAQLAIN, is not playing link, he’s playing deep defence

25th min

The Dutch have had 4 pcs so far with no conversions and seem to be persisting with TAEKEMA as the direct flicker

26th min

First time that USMANN joins the attack, earning them a pc. Its shows how important support from defence is for PAK. We have not seen many penetrations from WASEEM or USMANN

29th min

First penetration by WASEEM of PAK, PAK is putting their backs in to join the attack, therefore leaving themselves very vulnerable at the back

31st min

Successful penalty flick from TAEKEMA 3 – 0

Penalty stroke came from a fast break from NED, playing a 4 against 3, prompting a bad tackle from PAK

34th min

PAK are allowing a lot of space at the back. They need to become effective in NED’s 25, or they will be punished for it

Half time summary

The open PAK defence has led to 22 circle penetrations from NED, allowing them 14 shots on goal

The good side is that the Dutch are balancing their attack between left and right. We see that they are consistently penetrating left, right and centre.

Whereas from the 9 PAK penetrations, 5 came from the right, 2 from the centre, 2 from the left. Therefore a predominately right sided attack. 5 shots on goal

A high number of shots on goal from both teams shows that their penetrations usually come from a fast breaking attack, at times with superiority in numbers


Second half

Both teams unchanged at the start of the second half

3rd min

PAK playing full press on NED defence, TAEKEMA losing possession and KASHIF receiving the ball in the circle to score

PAK 1 – 3 NED

4th min

NED respond to score - PAK not ready, NED take it from push out to find EIKELBOOM open in the circle.

PAK 1 – 4 NED

7th min

NED are playing with one forward deep in the circle, whenever they have possession, therewith creating a lot of space in the midfield, by keeping PAK full backs occupied in deep defence

10th min

PAK is not able to use both their wingers, they rely on centre lain attack, playing into the NED defence. They need to start using USMANN or WASEEM on the outside, or get the ball to their wingers.

15th min

NED continues to use TAEKEMA, without result from the pc

NED are playing a very high tempo passing game, constantly shifting from through to flat passing, finding zones between forwards and insides and spaces in front of the halfs

17th min

Goal - First pc that LOMANS flicks gives NED 5 – 1

18th min

NED pc - Shall they continue with LOMANS?

Yes, a LOMANS flick and a line save from TARIQ

19th min

NED are finding space everywhere. If they continue this tempo, we’ll see more goals. They’re especially effective in pulling the two full backs away from each other

25th min

PAK continues to play through the centre, relying very much on KASHIF. NED has slowed their tempo

30th min

Game looks like it’s locked

Two NED fast breaks, but the sting is lost

34th min

Tackle from LOMANS on SHAHBAZ. Very harsh decision by LOCKHART awarding a PAK the stroke. ABBAS scores

PAK 2 – 5 NED

Full time

Final score: PAK 2 – 5 NED

Final summary

13 NED penetrations, 16 from PAK

Again PAK predominately right side centre and NED again evenly balanced. The other difference is both receive 6 attempts on goal, the Dutch scoring one and getting 5 pcs. PAK getting scoring nil, getting nil pcs.

It looks the NED attack is far more versatile and that they have recreated balance in defence by restoring DELMEE to the position that he has played for so many years.

Congratulations to Holland!


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