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Online analysis from Maurits Hendriks (right) and Tayyab Ikram (left) at the 23rd Men's Champions Trophy Rotterdam

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13.30 Final - Germany vs Australia

(all timings unofficial)

Interesting battle of two styles defensively, zonal defence versus man to man defence

First free hit for AUS on the edge of the GER circle, we see 11 Germans inside their own D.

GER trying to play pressure on the AUS 25, playing one against one in their back line

8th min

German set piece on edge of AUS D, 8 Australians inside the circle, Michael GREEN involved in it’s execution.

No 3 of GER, Tobias HENTSCHEL is used for first time

A lot more horizontal rotation combined with vertical movements in the GER side, where we see different people both from the midfield and forward line entering the AUS circle. AUS only uses vertical rotation to 'surprise' the GER

14th min

We see GER picking up interceptions from their man to man marking

16TH min

GER look for moments of press where they make a signal to move EIMER up to cover the GER centre-forward and subsequently moving the centre-defence CRONE on to mark LIVERMORE.

18th min

Interception by MAYERHOFER, a beautiful backhand pass setting REINELT up to get the first pc

20th min

Delightful new young player , No 1 of AUS, Jamie DWYER, earning AUS’s first pc

2nd pc hit by WELLS, scored but disallowed. The ball was not stopped properly

25th min

AUS building up pressure forcing GER into loss of possession several times

35th min

Fast move from GER defence sees MICHEL playing a nice through pass earning GER 3rd pc. 10 GER on the top of the D as official time has elapsed.

KUNZ playing his 3rd flick at goalie’s stick side, this time beating Lachlan DREHER

Half time

score GER 1 – 0 AUS

Half time summary

18 against 10 penetrations for GER, 6 to 3 goal attempts in favour of GER, 3 against 2 pcs.

Out of 18 penetrations, GER plays 13 in from the right. AUS has a much more balanced attack , coming in from all angles, which shows that AUS has to close off GER’s right side, more than they have been doing.

Interestingly both teams are playing more defensively than previously during the tournament. This trend will be continued in the World Cup in Kuala Lumpur no doubt.

Second half

1st min

Germany again playing full press, closing off any transfer options for AUS

7th min

GER is keeping a lot of players in defence, looking for a fast break with just 3 attackers

10th min

Fast break AUS 3 free hit on top of the D, quickly taken as per AUS style, scored by SMITH

11th min

First GER pc of 2nd half, goes low to the right corner, GK wrong footed,

GER 2 – 1 AUS

Becoming a very close match, with many turnovers. Uncharacteristic of the GERs

16th min

AUS trying to increase pressure on GER build up still allowing GER to shift play and therefore reach AUS 25

18th min

AUS using HISKINS as a target man deep in circle creating a little more space at top of D. Shot on goal hit a GER shoulder – ps saved by CLEMENS, flick from HISKINS

23rd min

AUS trying to penetrate GER circle with long crosses, so far not finding their target man. The game continues to have many, many turnovers

27th min

AUS continues to play a left orientated attack, only entering the D from the left side and mainly with short crosses, they’re not using short possession passes or dribbles into the D

This is a turnover game that can decided by where the turnover takes place.

28th min

One of the 1st crosses into the D on the right side by AUS leads to a pc, saved by a GER foot on the line - another pc

31st min

With 5 mins left AUS need to use their right side more, if they want to penetrate the GER defence

33rd min

Cross in from right, SMITH deflection just over the cross bar

GER hasn’t entered AUS circle for at least 10mins

Game ends with a controversial decision by ELDERS regarding a pc

Full time

Final Score

GER 2 – AUS 1

Final summary

AUS allowed their offence to be channelled on to the left and GER’s strong right side defence. Out of 18 penetrations, 12 came from the left. From the 5 on the right AUS got 2 shots on goal and one pc.

Therewith the GER defence played a decisive role. GER concentrated in the second half on retaining the defensive balance and succeeded in doing so.

The fact remains that the final, as to be expected, was a much closer and defensively orientated game than previous matches in this Champions Trophy.

We congratulate GER on their win.

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