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Online analysis from Ric Charlesworth at the 10th Men's World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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19.05 Germany vs Korea

MATCH SUMMARY – Moments of failing attentions by Korea cost them the game. Ger second half goals came from tips-ins – long passes outside the 25 which an alert team would not have allowed. As the other end Ger perimetre defensive was good but one suspects Kor’s did enough to earn a couple more PC’s. The corner which was disallowed remains a mystery. I think the game was much closer than most people suspected it would be, Korea’s form today exceeded that which we’ve seen through the tournament. There was little in the game that could not have been predicted from watching these teams over the last fortnight.

69m – Germany only intent on defence and the Korean’s are frustrated by their inability to get into the circle. Emmerling whose returned to the field has made some significant interventions in the last 5 minutes.

67m – Again Korea unlucky not to be awarded a corner.

63m – Ger now just in defensive mode. Kor pressing to penetrate the circle but unlucky not to win a corner.

60m – Ger will be content to hold the ball and frustrate now (Ger 3 – Kor 2). I expect that Kor will now press very hard when they have territorial possession.

58m - Ger with a corner at the other end. KUNZ flick high and wide.

55m – WITTHAUS tip in. Long ball hit by MAYERHOFER, deflected by a Korean to find WITTHAUS. Scored against the run of play. Penalty corner to Korea. DOMKE now working back deep in defence, Ger no doubt content with a 1 goal lead.

50m – 20 mins left and both teams content to defend in their own half. WEIN involved ina good build up and his shot just wide. Some of Ger younger players providing most of the life. Surprisingly Bechman is still on field (perhaps because he scored).

47m – Brilliant passing move down the right for Kor between KANG & KIM saw the later SCORE with a brilliant shot from the right side hitting the inside on the far post. The lead up play included some good leading off the ball by SONG.

44m - WEESS (Ger) at right half is providing some life and I suspect EMMERLING is injured. There appears to be more space now for DOMKE and other strikers as Kor push forward more. Ger definitely substituting more than Kor and this should help them last out the game.

42m - Bechman’s ability to make something of nothing has been vindicated. Kor now pressing Germany in the defensive 25. It will be interesting to see if Kor now play more aggressively at the front. Ger will no doubt look for counterattacks.

37m – As the 2nd half begins I still suspect Ger evenness will see them through and I expect to see more life at front. MAYERHOFER (Ger) against SONG (Kor) and KUNZ (Ger) lack of agility would worry me. Ger still concentrating of the right side for attack and Kor making 1 or 2 breaks down the right. Bechman lurking near the goal and nearly took advantage of a Kor trapping error and then he scored from a hard pass into the circle. Ger 2 – Kor 1.

HALF TIME – It’s a typical semi-final. The official stats indicate 2 shots for Ger and one for Kor – both teams have played very conservatively. It reminds me a little of the semi-finals at the 2000 Olympics. Korea’s pace at the front has worried the German defence but I suspect that they may not be able to sustain this. On a number of occasions when they could have taken the German’s they have held back. Kor is defending passively in their own half and looking to break quickly or make the long pass. Their attack has been significantly down the right although they have had some play down the left and on one such occasion they have scored. The score was by YEO as official stats now confirm.

Germany have looked a little shaky in deep defence and have perhaps been lucky to pull off some desperate tackles. Because of Kor’s numbers in defence their forwards have not had many opportunities to break. DOMKE and REINELT only occasionally threaten. Ger attack has been almost exclusively right-sided and generally pretty cautious endeavoring to penetrate the circle from a distance. There have been very few passing leadups. Ger scored from a dubious corner.


SONG v KUNZ one-on-one. SONG didn’t take him on and I think that’s a mistake. Interestingly the Korean coach went straight to SONG. I’m sure his advice was that he should have taken KUNZ on in that situation. That is what will fatigue and stress the Ger defence the most.

32m - The crowd and myself mystified by some of the decision. Kor still showing the capacity to break quickly. Kor attack, like Ger is largely right sided except for the occasional long ball down the left. Korea’s midfield has been pretty composed.

27m – Korea’s best chances are coming from counterattacks and long balls. Ger many very lucky with of their tackles in defence. Korea’s pace is causing them trouble.

25m - SONG (Kor) stole the ball and had space to run it but went for a 40 yard pass into the circle. He is a player that could take this chance, but this appears symptomatic.

22m – Neither team being very creative in attack. Using passes around the circle – that suggests to me they are tired or perhaps very cautious.

20m – It is turning into a real counter-attacking affair. It is clear now that Germany are using substitutions much more than Korea. There are quite a few unforced errors being made. Tired? Pressure of this game? Perhaps this is why both teams are playing such safe hockey. Germany have now started to defend passively as Korea come out. Bechman is on.

15m – Germany still pressing hard when the ball is on either side. Korea’s defence is much more passive.

11m – Steady substitutions being instituted by both teams. Korea’s SONG’s pace worrying Mayerhofer and Kunz being tested also. For the first 10 minutes Germany’s attack was very right-sided.

7m – Germany’s earn their first penalty corner and SCORE through Green dropping the ball to the left and Emmerling flicking in. They’ve used this move before in the tournament and should not have been a surprise to Korea.

4m – Korea using half-court defence when Germany in possession. After 4mins Korea have had their share of the ball and appear more settled than in the last two matches. They have some urgency about them and their players at the front are receiving and using their pace well. GOAL – field goal to Korea’s SONG. Scored from a long pass down the left and worked the ball into the circle.

1m – Predictable high ball from Germany to gain territory and then a press. Domke has an angled chance from a long ball in the first minute.

0m - I expect Germany to be too consistent for Korea. Korea’s pace could cause problems for Germany’s defenders. Korea’s last 2 games have been far from convincing. Not surprisingly Bechman is not starting for Germany. He is being used as an impact player and can only really play for 20-30 minutes.

Teams are lining up, no surprises in the warm up, both team played a small game and practiced their PC’s

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