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Online analysis from Maurits Hendriks at the 10th Men's World Cup, Kuala Lumpur.

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SEMI-FINAL MATCH: Australia v Netherlands

SUMMARY: Australia outscored Holland mainly on the base of a physically superb performance. The scoreline implies that Holland had fewer options than Australia. This however is not the case if we only look at the number of PC’s that the Dutch won. In the key moments Aust had the edge. In the circle they were the more effective team, their physical ability allowing them to take shots from difficult angles and blocking Dutch attempts at the other end. It must be said that the Dutch goalie had a very unlucky night. Aust switched from tight zonal defence on their own half to moments of full press on the Dutch half. They seemed to be confident, waiting for turnover moments to set up a fast break with the forma and fitness of their strikers, the Germans are warned. It is sad to see that a Dutch era of incredible achievements will not be continued in this World Cup with Germany and Australia – the two best teams – in the final.

70m – Final Score Aust 4 – Ned 1. A match summary will follow.

66m – With 4 minutes to go Australia is becoming over-confident allowing the Dutch their 12th PC. GAUDOIN blocks the LOMANS flick.

63m – The 11th PC for the finally brought reward, BOOY putting in a rebound of a TAEKEMA variation. 4-1.

59m – Aust has strong control of the match. They are so much fitter. Although the Dutch are trying all their moves, Aust seems to close them down before they can get very dangerous. Even the 10 Dutch PC’s have been neutralised. The game is Australia’s. Aust’s TROY ELDER receives a green card.

57m – Finally DE NOOIJER is being substituted.

53m – Holland continue earning PC’s from an Aust defence who gives away too many. All LOMANS flicks are denied by fast running out and a DREHER save.

50m – The game is still moving up and down. KLAVER takes the ball down on the left on a very fast run but is denied by the Aust defense who quickly set up a fast break concluding with Dwyer on the right who nails the shot from a very small angle. 4-0 Australia.

47m – Another through-pass from DE NOOIJER earns Ned their 8th PC from which LOMANS scores but the goal is disallowed because the ball is not stopped properly. There is more movement in the Dutch forward line who are playing higher up the field. They are playing 1-on-1 in their defence line and fighting for their last chance – still 21m to go.

43m – Ned PC awarded after DE NOOIJER passed to sweeper JAZET who has moved up the field again. LOMANS sends off a rocket that just misses the goal. The Dutch are now applying pressure closing down Aust in their own 25, but are still reliant on DE NOOIJER who has not been substituted once yet. The young forward KLAVER & BROUWER on the field.

40m – Aust SCORE FG (3-0) after another midfield turnover, LIVERMORE going on a free run and setting up Matthew SMITH high-speed on the left and plays a backhand flick past Ned GK VOGELS. Almost every Dutch player is being outrun by his direct opponent, especially LIVERMORE & ELDER who have played almost every minute thus far and still look to be very fit.

36m – LOMANS (Ned) is back on and Aust has started this time, with GAUDOIN.

HALF TIME: Aust has the game in hand not allowing the Dutch forwards sufficient space for fast attacks. The main difference with the first semi-final is that both teams are playing more defensively here, falling back on their own half trying to deny forwards space. Aust looks the fitter team and have capitalised on two midfield turnovers. The problem for the Dutch is going to be that they have to rely on their fast-moving forwards, therewith giving them almost maximum playing time. Eg. De Nooijer has not been substituted in the 1st half. This way the Dutch forwards will slowly be worn down, not getting themselves in scoring positions. An interesting stat is that the Ned have not scored on 6 PC’s. They seem to be in doubt about how to capitalise on these, starting with variations and later replacing LOMANS with TAEKEMA. The Ned need a fast goal to revitalise motivation and inspiration. You wonder whether the Dutch coach fuelled Aust determination by degrading every Aust player in comparison to his own in comments made to media yesterday. So far the Australian’s have won some important one-on-one’s. Dutch coach, Bellaart will have to make a choice between the class forwards BUMA & VAN WYK and the young, less experienced but rested KLAVER & BROUWER.


32m – EIKELBOOM receives a green card for talk. With 1 minute in the half, Aust earns a penalty corner. Official time passed with all Australian players on the circle. Flick by GAUDOIN is saved by VOGELS.

30m – Another Ned PC awarded – blocked by GAUDOIN. It is followed by yet another PC in which Aust changed the runner with BUTLER blocking.

28m – Ned PC. The Dutch brought on TAEKEMA to play a direct drag-flick, but he pushed high and wide. Aust followed up with a fast break with LIVERMORE sending a sizzling backhand over the crossbar. Aust did seem to mind to fall all the way back, even into their own 25.

27m - In sharp contrast to the Dutch, Aust is playing a very high circulation speed and keep looking for fast breaks through DWYER, VICTORY & WEBSTER.

24m - The Dutch forwards are not achieving a normal rotation so they are finding it difficult to be open and receive, the main reason for the slow circulation speed. Furthermore they are playing predictable passing lines.

21m – Ned PC awarded. They opted for a variation on the right saved by GK DREHER. It is very unusual for the Dutch to play 2 variations in their first 3 PC’s in a semi-final suggesting that Lomans has a problem flicking on this field.

19m – Aust missed a ‘sitter’ when DWYER found himself open on the end-line and centered it to SMITH who was not able to connect.

16m – Aust seem to have the Dutch in a strong grasp. They are trying to limit the space falling back on their own half whenever the Dutch played a transfer across the field, therewith trying to limit excessive running. Very out of character – they are looking for the fast break. Aust has not changed their defensive philosophy playing a zonal defensive, not giving specific attention to de Nooijer or any other Dutch forward.

12m – 2-0 Australia. A MATTHEW WELLS steal, pass to DWYER on the left where DWYER beats Dutch defender LOMANS and shoots inside the near post.

10m – Aust falls back behind the 50 yard waiting for the Dutch build-up. Dutch midfielder DERICKX loses possession, the ball transferred to Webster on the right who take a shot. A very unlucky LOMANS (Ned) deflects in into the Dutch goal.

6m – A pass by BUTLER (Aust) is intercepted by BUMA who takes on Aust GK DREHER. Shot is saved but play draws a PC for the Dutch. Another save by DREHER on LOMANS flick. From the rebound De Nooijer misses a yard away from the goal-line.

3m – First PC for the Dutch after there sweeper JAZET makes it into the Aust circle and releases a shot. The Dutch opt for a variation on their corner playing it out to the left and looking for a deflection in front of the post – blocked by Webster. The Dutch fall back in their own half when Aust has possession.

Welcome: We are ready for another Holland-Australia semi-final and that’s what I have played with the team in 1998 World Cup and 2000 Olympics. There are no surprises in the Dutch starting line-up, CF Eikelboom has recovered from injury. Teun de Nooijer playing C mid-field and we are expecting him to make some dashing through runs and its going to be interesting to see if Australia is going to make use of the space that de Nooijer leaves behind. Australia starting without Captain Paul Gaudoin, Victory nor Commens. Australia are expected to put the pressure on the Dutch in the first minute. Offensive runs should come from Dwyer and Smith. It will be interesting to see if Aust has sufficient variation in attack and if they are to stop the very fast Dutch forwards.


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