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Online analysis from Mark Lammers on Korea v Netherlands, the 3rd/4th playoffs, at the 10th Men's World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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FINAL COMMENTS – It was a very tight game, not so spectacular and the differences were so small that only some details could change the game. Finally, the Dutch took the energy from their goal in the final minute into extra time and were able to score their most important goal of the tournament.

73m – GOLDEN GOAL – NETHERLANDS: After 2 minutes, on the first attack the Dutch scored on one of their famous side attacks and finally BUMA tips the ball into the net for The Netherlands to win the World Cup Bronze.

FULL –TIME awaiting extra time: Finally we got our exciting play in the last two minutes. It looks like both teams are dying on the pitch after 9 games in 14 games and now they must play 2 x 7 &1/2 minute period (if of course nobody scores). I expect the last goal of Ned in the last minute drew some positive energy in the Dutch team – for me they are now the favourite.

69m - GOAL NED (1-1) From one of those full pressures DE NOOIJER got the ball, hit it on the GK and SANDER VAN DER WEIDE scored from the rebound with a nice slap shot.

65m – I think Ned have to put one extra forward on the field and take off one defender because they have to take some risks now. Of course the Dutch are playing full press now so I hope we get some exciting finishing minutes.

59m – The game is no so exciting as I expected because I think the Dutch team is not powerful enough to press up for the last 10 minutes. And the Korean’s are playing with a lot of confidence and defending well. The difference from the first half is Ned are using the centre too much and there is little space there.

54m – In the third PC of Holland we saw another new tendency of the World Cup. The first runner of Kor is running for the hitter with his body in the line. It looks dangerous but if you are really quick the ball will only hit the legs. Also normally if you hit the ball over your own backline it is a PC but here it is a long corner. I don’t like it because now everyone deliberately puts the ball out of the field. In the last minute, the sweeper of Ned (JAZET) lost the ball in the midfield and Kor pounced on it with quick counterattack creating a 3-on-1, but the Dutch GK saved it well. Kor had a free hit and the players were pushing a lot and finally the Korean shot hit the post.

50m –The last 2 minutes were as predicted, with the Dutch earning their 3rd PC. Yet again, the corner was not stopped and Kor are attacking now. You can see more and more spaces as the players of both teams are becoming tired and I really feel that one team will score very soon.

45m – The Korean’s are defending strongly and they are almost playing with only 2 forwards because they have put one more player in the midfield to defend DE NOOIJER. I think this is dangerous because if they are dropping back, a PC or a goal to Holland will come.

40m – Like before the game I still think the Korean’s are fitter than the Dutch with some of the Dutch looking tired now. Kor should therefore get the space they need for their counterattack. This is the reason they have just received their first PC but the ball was not stopped. DE NOOIJER has to do too much – he is trying but I think he is tired.

36m - Both teams recommence with their starting line-up, the only changes are that EIKELBOOM is now playing on the right midfield and GEERIS is playing CF. I think the Dutch are aiming to create more attack from the second line through DE NOOIJER and EIKELBOOM.


Both teams are quite equal but Kor are better at chancing the speed of attacking so they are playing smarter to get passes to their attackers. Again I can see a lot of control-moments to conserve energy and in the last 20 minutes the Dutch are pressing up. After the break we should see some nice hockey as the Dutch has to attack more but the Korean’s have a very quick counter-attack.

32m – The Dutch are pressing up more now getting two circle penetration in the last two minutes. As can be seen in many games, there are many changes of passing speed – sometimes very slow and then acceleration of the ball circulation.

29m – Another trend in this World Cup visible in this game is teams are using more one-touch passes to speed up attack. Ger is the best example of this but the Dutch are now showing it today more than the Korean’s.

24m – Both teams are using control-hockey; they are not attacking with many players but always wanting to control, keeping enough defenders behind the ball to protect against the counterattack. They slow down the game to conserve energy in this hot weather. This is the typical approach used in this tournament because of the high number of game in hot conditions. The past years have had many turnovers and teams have learnt to counterattack quickly on these – so, teams are playing more control-hockey to stop this.

20m – Kor are building up the game now, holding more players behind the ball and attacking with less risk with their 1-0 in mind. The Dutch are pushing their centre defender up to build up their attack with 3 defenders rather than 4. They are pressing more in Kor half. The danger is the counterattack of Kor.

16m – The Ned are bringing in their young attacking who are promising players with less experience and they are playing well in this tournament. Kor still have the same 11 players. Kor in this tournament are not rotating players as much as the Dutch. The Dutch are stretching the field because the Korean’s are going back in their 22. Now its important that the Dutch use quick ball circulation.

14m – Ned VAN WEEL off injured. The nice thing about this tournament is a new rule that says if the official therapist comes onto the pitch the player must be substituted and cannot play for 2 minutes so nobody is faking or time-wasting. I like this rule.

9m – GOAL Kor. From free hit outside the circle the ball bounced from the stick of DELMEE to Korea’s SONG who pushed it very quickly into the net and 1 min later Holland received their 2nd PC from a side penetration – they did not score – missed stop. That has been one of the biggest problems for Ned in this tournament. This is usually their strength. They have lost rhythm in this due to the loss of two important players following the Sydney Olympics. Their PC success rate is too low in this tournament for a Dutch team. In their semi-final v Aus they received 13 PC but did not convert any of them.

8m - Kor are very dangerous with their quick attackers who are switching a lot. Korean’s are not defending one-on-one against DE NOOIJER so he will have space to play the way he loves to.

5m – The difference of the attacking of both teams is that Kor are always attacking in the centre versus the Dutch who are attempting side circle penetrations and through this have earned their first PC (shot high by Bram Lomans).

3m - Both team started with a half court press as they have in the first 10 minutes of other games. Kor are using the long hits from the back and already created two big chances with their key player, SONG who is playing on the right wing. The danger of SONG is that now he is always looking to cross over to the other side and the Dutch must choose to guard him individually or in a zone. The first 4 minutes of the game are very open. Holland have made 1 circle penetration.

1m – Both teams are starting with their strongest team. It will be interesting to see if Korea defend Tuen de Nooijer man-to-man.

0m – The teams and crowd stand for the national anthems of Korea and the Netherlands.

PRE-MATCH: The 3/4 playoff is always about the disappointed teams because they missed the final. It’s the team that change their negative feelings to positive ones is the team that will win. It looks like the Koreans are fitter than the Dutch. I expect it to be an attractive game with both teams fielding full squads (no injuries) and the key players are on. Both these teams played the Olympic final in 2000 – that was a tough game and this will be a similar game.

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