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Online analysis from Paul Lissek on the final of the 10th Men's World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Australia v Germany

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Congratulations to both Germany and Australia from Paul Lissek and Tayyab Ikram.

TAYYAR – Germany have won the Men’s World Cup by 2-1. This is a final score that would be expected. In the second half Australia continued to take risks and they were punished for that. Australia lost four balls by building up into the Ger centre zone these turnovers were converted into very fast right drive attack which Australia was trying to avoid. They lost control of this and that was the breaking point.

PAUL – My compliment’s to both teams. They were both very equal and either could have won this World Cup. Ger made a bad mistake in defence only once, whereas Australia tried to win the game in the second half by attacking but this was a risk because they opened up the defence too much and Ger used this space. Aust defended this well through the game but one single error decided that match and the hopes for Australia with time a massive limitation. In the whole 70 mins Australia was playing very riskily against the very fast counter-attacking play of Germany.


TAYYAB - It is the very first time we’ve seen Aust defenders stretched by Ger which allowed Ger to find a lot of space on the top of Aus circle. Another thing in this half is that Ger has concentrated on the right side attack which was not Aust preferred defence side. Another PC for Ger.

PAUL – A single mistake would be the difference in this game and a mistake from the Aust defence gave Ger’s their opportunity from the right side. The pressure of time (just 2 minutes remain) will win this game.


PAUL - Aust lost control playing through the centre channel and Ger stretched Aust defence and found an inner channel which was exploited by a very creative run and a beautiful deflection from DOMKE for the goal. (Ger 2 – Aust 1)


TAYYAB - An important deep defender for Aust, MATTHEW WELLS injured and substituted. Replaced by HOPKINS. A very clever individual run from Ger and a reverse stick shot at goal saved by GK. 10 minutes to go we see Aust playing more in depth while Ger still playing very conservatively. We will see more turnovers in the next 10 mins. Yes – the game is lacking control.

PAUL – The team that takes the initiative is in trouble from counterattacks. Aust is in more trouble because they’re attacking and opening their half. Play is still very high quality in terms of technical skill. The play is good but the counter will decide.


PAUL - Aust have had 2 chances to take the lead. PC’s are still going to be the difference and I think Ger could be the stronger in that area.

TAYYAB – 7 substitutions between both teams in this minute. For the first time we see Ger allowing a centre channel for Aust. A good run by Aust but a turnover. Aus defenders are assisting midfield players to create an attack. Ger

PAUL – Rough body play between BECHMAN and LIVERMORE but LIVERMORE penalised with a green card with the Ger in control of the ball.


TAYYAB – Another Aust PC saved by Ger GK ARNOLD giving away another PC which ELDER sent high.


PAUL – The defence of Aust are so calm while coming out of defence. It’s very impressive.

TAYYAB – Aust are in full pressure and Ger deep defence in tight marking. As we were expecting, KUNZ uses an overhead to bypass the midfield. I agree with Paul that if Aus continue taking risk in the midfield it will be dangerous for them. Brilliant penetrative pass from MCCANN and the Ger defence was beaten totally. We’ve seen very few passes like that in the World Cup. Aust won a PC and used a variation well picked by the second runner.


TAYYAB - Aust are very quick in limiting the space by falling back and reacting fast for the counter and creating 2-on-2 situations. HISKINS and ELDER are playing close to the Ger baseline by switching themselves horizontally, meanwhile see quick midfield build-up by Aust but no success.

PAUL – Initiative are from Australia but counterattacks are coming from Germany and I’m still concerned that this play from Aust is too risky. Normally Aust knows to stop the fluency of their opponents game, but in this case, they are not doing that. Ger is also very fast (passing and coming out of defence).


PAUL - Tactical play will chance now for both teams with both needing to be more careful in defence. They cannot afford to open their own half so much. If both teams use this tactic and their skills are fairly equal then PC’s will be the difference in the game.

TAYYAB – Very fast circulation of the ball by Ger applying the typical one-touch passes. They’ve had two shots at goal but we see Aus countering quickly and turnovers occurring so for a moment the game is out of control.


PAUL – The chances and advantages were equal for both teams. Both teams also had some pressure so I don’t see any clear advantage. It is a very attractive game with interesting attacks coming from minute to minute. Aust have had 3 PC’s and Ger 2 PC’s. The game profits from the excellent individual skills of all players. Chances will definitely come for both teams.

TAYYAB – A most balanced game with Aust having 31 penetrations into Germany’s 25 and 7 clear shots at goal. Germany have recorded 27 penetration into the Aust 15 with 8 shots at goal. We see clear evidence Ger trying to channel Aust to the left and Aust are apparently trying to do the same. I’m expecting the same competitive play up to the middle of the 2nd half and after that we may see the game getting out of control with more turnovers.


TAYYAB – It was difficult to understand why the PC was given to Ger. PC GOAL through a strong flick by KUNZ through clear space by deceiving the GK. 1-1.


TAYYAB - 7 minutes remaining. Both teams are surviving with good fitness and successful in defending their circles only 2 PC’s so far. Both teams are playing conservatively in the midfield. No-one wants to take risk. A critical mistake by HOPKINS close to his 25 gave Ger’s REINELT a clear run but beautifully saved by Aus GK DREHER.

PAUL – Chances are equal for both sides but if any team has an edge it is Aust. Aust with PC – GOAL. A variation with a fake action by the first striker which provided time and space for TROY ELDER’S flat push. Ger counterattack immediately after the goal.


TAYYAB - Ger are struggling coming out of defence and we may see overheads from them. Ger have had their 2nd goal attempt – as easy save for DREHER. Ger are now in full press. Beautiful build up by Aust from COMMENS’ individual run. It seems Aust are channeling the Ger to their left as they have 5 penetrations into the circle from the left.

PAUL – Aust are reacting and Ger are on the attack. Ger hit the post. The ball control of both teams is fantastic making the fluency of the game exceptional and very attractive, moving from one goal to the other. And surely soon, with this type of play, goals will come. All players on both teams are very skillful. Aust with a break through from LIVERMORE & SMITH, long pass from the right flank facing a running defence of Ger – goal shot wide. Soon after Aust awarded 1st PC.

The PC’s will be interesting in this game with the coaches of both teams great PC tacticians. Germany’s indoor skills are clearly visible in tight 1-on-1 in the circle.


TAYYAB - Full pressure in the circle from Aust with Ger successful to defend their circle not allowing Aus a goal shot or a PC. A very creative more from Aus’s LIVERMORE and a threat for Ger inside the circle.

PAUL - It is good to see Aus initiative to make the game attractive but it is very high risk and I sometimes cannot understand using such dangerous strategy. One mistake for Aust could have very bad consequences. However, Aust looks the better team with all the attack – but they are playing with risk.

13m – TAYYAB – Ger are using horizontal switches against he well-organised defence of Aust but they’ve had no success so far.

12m – PAUL - Ger is interchanging more often and therefore saving more energy. Aus has made just a few chances. This is very important as Ger has 6 top forwards all of equal ability that they can use at any time.

11m – TAYYAB - A quick turnover on the right allowed Aust to find a space in the 25 giving a opportunity for a reverse shot at goal. Ger are attempting to slow down the game and Aus is trying to ignite themselves in the half court.

8m - TAYYAB - Good evidence of Aust build-up coming out of defence having many options – this is something they are very good at. Ger first goal attempt a shot by KUNZ kicked away by Aus GK LACHLAN DREHER.

PAUL - Aus creating pressure from - Ger has a lot of space in the Aus half and it’s a high risk way to play because Germany is very good coming out of defence with the long ball having been used effectively. My feeling is that Germany will score first.

3m - PAUL - This is a normal way to commence – players finding their man-to-man and becoming comfortable.

2m – TAYYAB – Germ start a half-court press even though Aust were successful to stretch them and a fast break from Germ.

TAYYAB ON AUSTRALIA - Aust and Germany again after the Champions Trophy final in Rotterdam. There are 2 different styles of play with Aust being more physically involved as they showed in the semi-final against Holland. They are very good finishers. Aust showed the best defensive strength so far playing zonal defence. In the semi-final against Ned they allowed a lot of inner-channels for the Dutch to exploit and they were not able to defend their circle which caused a lot of PC’s against them. We saw in Rotterdam Aust being controlled by Germans. It will be interesting to watch here how Germany react to the Australian’s here who are very quick to exploit spaces. A strong point for Aust is they can exploit teams that make a lot of mistakes, but Germany is not this kind of team.

PAUL ON GERMANY - Germany is a very balanced team and over the tournament they have used the space all over the pitch well. The forwards are skillful, very fast and finish very well. They use typical deflection goals frequently. There is a highly technical team and have excellent left and right halves in MAYERHOFER and EMMERLING. The pressure will come from those players on the wings playing good passes and have good dribbling abilities. It will be very interesting to see how Aus can prevent the extraordinary individual skills and strengths of German players.

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