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Match 9 - CHN v NED

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Olympic Silver Medal winning coach, Kim Sang Ryul provides real-time analysis from the Women's Champions Trophy in Macao

Match Summary:

Women's hockey is now very defensive.  All teams are very fast and fit, so defenses have become better.   We are seeing less field shots, and more emphasis on penalty corners.  This game showed this.

2nd Half

0200:  One mistake will win the match for the other team.  NED like to use the pass to the space, and move to the space, but they are so tired that cannot do this effectively anymore.  They are great to watch how they pass and go...pass and go...but not this half!

0900:  NED have not had a PC or a field shot this half.  CHN defence ae not doing anything out of the ordinary, expect they are finding their midfield much easier than the first half, which means they have far less work to do.

1200:  The NED team have stopped checking closely in the midfield...even inside their defensive 25.  CHN are so fast and fit they can eliminate 1 on 1 easily...and NED are starting to struggle. 

1400:  It is very hard to stop the CHN fast attack.  They are now running hard at the NED defence and starting to earn corners.  Very hard for NED from here.

1700:  NED look tired.  They are making more mistakes.  CHN is attacking more often and look dangerous.

2300:  Only 1 player for CHN (Chen) can make the long pass from defence to attack.  She is now starting to make more of these passes.  NED did not let her do this in the first half.

2600:  The winner of this match will probably play in the final, so it is a very important game for both teams.  NED are giving CHN more space at the back than expected, showing their confidence in being able to win the match.

3500:  I think NED will control the next 20 mins, and like the first half, CHN will finish stronger.

1st Half Summary:  Both teams basic skills are very good.  NED’s elimination, passing and general team understanding are slightly better.  NED also seems to be trying to analyse the game and intelligently counter-attack.  CHN tend to be more frenetic in their forward moves.   Both teams are leaving one player very high.  All others are back in defence.

1st Half

0000:  CHN goal on the final hooter.  Zhou field goal.

0300:  CHN is not trying to build up their attack.  Instead, trying to go forward on the counter-attack. 

0600:  The game is now totally different from 10 mins ago because the NED players are not running as hard anymore.

1000:  This is the first time that CHN has been able to make the long pass from defence to attack, and they have just had their first field shot.   CHN are now starting to make more chances due to the heat which is starting to affecting the NED players.   NED are not marking as tightly in the midfield anymore.

1200:  NED are falling away quickly and getting behind the ball.  They are not allowing any counter-attacks by CHN.  CHN are not switching play to counteract this.

1500:  CHN are trying to use the width of the pitch to get around the NED midfield.  This is why they are more in attack.

1700:  CHN have just switched play in their attack for the first time.  It has taken 18 mins for this to happen.

1900: The NED team look very good.  They are using the space very quickly, and also changing direction of their attacks very quickly.  CHN players are very fast, yet they cannot keep up.

2300: CHN are trying to build up to a long pass, but cannot find a way.  NED are breaking up the play at every opportunity by stopping the CHN runners.  

2530: NED goal:  Boomgaardt off PC strike.  NED 1 CHN 0.

No field goal chances yet in 10 mins, which was expected.

2700: CHN are not being allowed to find the long pass from defence to attack which is frustrating them.  This is from NED controlling the midfield.  They are very skillful.

0000:  Who controls the game in the midfield will determine the result of the game.  Also, the last 10 to 15 mins will also be a factor as we see the fitness levels of both teams become important.  Both teams are both very strong in defence, so field goal shots will be rare.  More penalty corners will arise.

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