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Batian Kummer

Date of birth: 21st February 1984

Club: Schul-Hockey-Club Markdorf e.V.

Bastian is Coach of youth teams in his club. He is responsible for organizing umpire courses in his club and organizes youth camps, camping and other leisure activities for the youth of the whole club. Since the club only exists for 10 years, he is the major reason for the good development of the youth section. Although he has his A-Exams this year, he is a motivated person who wants to develop youth Hockey in his club.


Finn Erik Petersen

Date of birth: 04th July 1983

Club: Flensburger Hockey Club

Finn Erik is coach, umpire and player of his club and already had two games in the U16 national team. He is coach of a School-Hockey Team for 6 years now and also coach of the senior team of his club for 3 years. “Having a good running youth section would not be possible without the work of Finn Erik” his club wrote us. He is an idol for the young players in his club and already set his aims, to develop the youth, into true.


Florian Kaphengst

Date of birth: 25th September 1983

Club: Hamburger SV

Florian is coach of his club and coordinator of many events of the Hockey Association Hamburg. Florian developed in his club a completely new female youth. He is responsible for the positive development of the number of members in his club.


Sibah Phillipps

Date of birth: 17th August 1986

Club: Bietigheimer HTC

She is the youth spokesperson of her club as well as coach. She developed a school Hockey section in her city and coordinated several events to promote Hockey. She increased the number of youth members in her club by offering a very well training. She develops the communication in between the generations and helps to integrate the young children in the club.

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