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General Guidelines

1. FIH Coaching Courses are open to applications from male and female participants from FIH member National Hockey Associations.

At least 50% of the participants in an FIH Coaching Course shall be citizens of countries other than the organising National Association. For FIH Final Coaching Courses this percentage should be 70% unless the Development and Coaching Committee of the FIH decides otherwise for specific reasons.

2. The cycle for FIH Coaching Courses and FIH Final Coaching Courses will be circulated to the National Hockey Associations with the Development and Coaching Committee of the FIH’s Four-Year Plan. This plan will attempt to address the needs of NHAs and Continental Hockey Federations in the planning and organisation of this programme. An up-to-date programme should accompany these guidelines.

3. All FIH National Hockey Associations may apply to organise an FIH Coaching Course or FIH Final Coaching Course. They must be prepared to:

4. Provide the necessary facilities not far from the venue of the coinciding tournament. They must also provide a synthetic turf hockey pitch, a lecture room, video equipment for all types of tape with a large screen and residence/hotel accommodation close to the facilities. A high capacity photocopier is also needed.

5. Cover the expenses of full board, accommodation and local transportation for all the participants, the conductors, the FIH Course Co-ordinator and the FIH Development and Coaching Committee representative and supply them with entrance tickets for the coinciding tournament.

6. Appoint a Local Liaison Officer and/or Local Coordinator who will be responsible, on behalf of the National Hockey Association, for all domestic issues such as:

  1. Facilities, local transport, board and accommodation arrangements as well as other assistance to the conductors to facilitate the smooth running of the course

  2. Photocopy the presentation papers of all the candidates of the course and other documents before and during the course

  3. Provide local players for demonstration purposes, should conductors request their services.

    NB: An FIH Course Director will be appointed by the FIH Development and Coaching Committee in consultation with the NHA. This person will preferably be a member of the Coaching Group of the FIH Development and Coaching Committee.

The FIH Course Director:

See the roles and responsibilities of the Course Director

  • Is, whenever possible, a member of the Coaching Group of the FIH Development and Coaching Committee.

  • Works with the two FIH Course Conductors to ensure the quality, methodology, programming and interpretation of the guidelines and policies of the Development and Coaching Committee.

  • Serves to assist with the coordination of the course content but does not intrude in the presentation of the course content nor in the assessment of the participants by the course conductors.

  • Will, when and if necessary, arbitrate on any differences of opinion between the two course conductors and will make site decisions on behalf of the Coaching Group and Development and Coaching Committee.

  1. Submit, together with the application to the FIH Development and Coaching Committee:

a. Statement of conformity with the requirements of these Guidelines

b. Dates, Venue and facilities of the propose FIH (Final) Coaching Course

c. Budget estimate: not including

    • Costs of international travel of the FIH Course Conductors and FIH Course Coordinator (these costs to be covered by the FIH)

    • Costs of international travel for participants (these costs to be covered by the participants)

    • Information about any sponsorship to be obtained for the course

    • The budget should include the proposed ‘participation fee’

4. The duration of an FIH Coaching Course will be six full days. (Travel, arrival and departure days not included)

5. Participants are required to contribute to the expenses of the hosting National Hockey Association through a ‘participation fee’, fixed by the host National Hockey Association in agreement with the FIH Development and Coaching Committee.

6. To avoid and discourage late withdrawals from the Course:

  • Invitations will be extended well in advance.

  • The deadline for acceptances will be adhered to.

  • Prepayment of fees will be instituted with a 50% discount in the case of withdrawal by fax no later than 15 days before the start of the Course. Should any applicant appear at such a course without having complied, they will be relegated to the status of observer and will not be assessed.

7. It is recommended that the Course commence three days before the coinciding tournament. This will allow Coaches from the participating teams at the tournament to be invited for beneficial exchanges of ideas e.g. analyses of training session or matches and other aspects. This will allow more time for presentations by the conductors and participants before the start of the tournament.

8. An Official Closing Ceremony should be organised by the host National Association. Upon such occasions FIH Certificates of Attendance/Participation are to be presented to the officially registered participants. It should be noted that such certificates do NOT certify Coaches at one of the respective course levels

Suggested Procedures and Timescales

Twelve months before potential courses are organised, the FIH Development and Coaching Committee will invite National Association to submit, in writing, their interest in hosting either a Coaching Course or a Final Coaching Course. (Exceptionally, a Coaching Course may be organised in less time if the Development and Coaching Committee are assured that all details have been covered satisfactorily.) An application from a National Association shall contain:

a. The name, address, telephone/fax number and email address of the person who shall, on behalf of the National Association, be in charge of the organisation of the course and the relevant contact with the FIH.

b. The detailed information requested in paragraph 3 above.

If several proposals are received, the Development and Coaching Committee will decide where the Courses will take place, and will subsequently agree on all details with the National Association involved.

A National Association can also propose spontaneously to the FIH Development and Coaching Committee to host an FIH (Final) Coaching Course.

The FIH invites National Associations applying to organise and host an FIH competition to include in their application a proposal to organise and host an FIH (Final) Coaching Course.


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