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Trinidad & Tobago Youth Hockey Report

After my appointment as World Youth Panel representative, I began to organize a National Youth Forum/Committee for players between the ages of 13 and 20. This committee was formed so we could discuss collectively how we plan to develop youth hockey in Trinidad and Tobago and to get involved in the Olympic Aid program.

The formation of the Youth Committee, which is now the Youth Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board, was also to assist and improve communication between young players and the National Hockey Association.

Meetings commenced as planned on the first Monday of July with club representatives from Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Ventures, Carib Shandy Magnolias, Chinese Sportsmaster and Stag Malvern. During the month of July, additional members from Malvern and Maritime Checkers joined the committee.

Our first order of business was to decide on our method of raising TT$2000 for Olympic Aid. After our two meetings, we decided on a car wash that would be sponsored by 3M. After brainstorming sessions, the committee also decided on a raffle, which was to be run simultaneously to the car wash and sponsored by Pascal’s Bakery.

It is important to note that hockey well wishers played an integral role in certain aspects of the committee. Kendhi Hunte, a Holy Name Convent hockey player and although not a member of the committee, she created a logo for the committee keeping the theme of hockey alive. Ventures hockey club member Rose-Ann Reyes also assisted in turning the logo into a virtual image and a hard disk copy.

After the organization of the committee logo, the committee moved to organize the car wash and this called for the committee to form another meeting day. So now the youth committee was meeting twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays.

The car wash was scheduled for 10th August 2002 at Carib Rugby Club car park. Committee members and well wishers assisted in the car wash, which was a success due to sales, the raffle and donations from well wishes. We were able to raise TT$1000 for Olympic Aid therefore we are left with the task of obtaining another TT$1000.

To continue youth involvement in hockey, the committee proposed an exchange program with Barbados and Mexico. These exchange programs would not only include players but also coaches and officials. I have been communicating with Mr. Marvin White, the promoter in Barbados and Mario Rosado, the promoter in Mexico and the program through sufficient planning would be a tremendous accomplishment for youth hockey in Trinidad and Tobago.

Melissa Pascal

Trinidad & Tobago Youth Panel Promoter

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