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FIH Development and Coaching Committee

FIH Recommendation and Endorsement of

Hockey Coaching Resources

Introduction and summary

The demand for quality information on the subject of hockey coaching is growing at all levels. A wide selection of knowledge resources on the subject is available in the form of books, CD/VCD, Video etc. to cater the diverse needs to the public. NHAs, coaches and other users from around the world buy and use these information packs to enrich their knowledge.

Interested buyers of these resources though have concern over the authenticity and the effectiveness of these materials and expecting some sort of assurance.

Very justly, people are expecting and insisting higher quality, up-to-date research based, technically correct information from the producers of such media/resources (books, VCD, video etc.) and for that they look for seal of approval on such materials from authorities like FIH.

On the other hand, producer and/or proprietors are also interested in getting their product endorsed so as to increase their product ratings in the market and build customer confidence on it.

FIH is interested to stimulate the production and distribution of good coaching resources. In this regard FIH is endeavouring a program to provide their technical services for the evaluation of these products to its proprietors. The program is initiated with the intention to facilitate producers of coaching resource to get their product tested for the usefulness, contents etc.

After thorough analysis and assessment of the product from FIH experts, the product will be declared, "RECOMMENDED".

FIH’s Development and Coaching Committee will be managing the system of Recommendation for the coaching related knowledge packs/products.

This is to be noted that the move to certify the products with FIH seal of approval is in no way an attempt to undermine the quality, effectiveness and excellence of the products that would choose not to apply for the endorsement. FIH do not question and challenge the contents and usefulness of any product in the market. FIH only puts its endorsement on products, which our experts test and find them of superior standard. The only purpose is to stimulate knowledge exchange and propagate quality information on coaching.

And it means that our Experts find the contents appropriate, effective and useful for the targeted audience of the product.

The system is described below for all whom it concerns

    Who Should Apply?

  • Individual (Coaches, Experts, etc.) or group of experts
  • Organisation

    The above-mentioned can apply for appraisal and recommendation by the FIH for a coaching resource produced by them.

    Application Procedure

  1. Interested applicants must fill and submit an application form.

    Note: The form contains statements about the resource and the desired recommendation from the applicant, as well as agreement, the rules for appraisal/recommendation, proper use of recommendation and copyright and liability issues.

  2. The applicant is required to pay an amount of Euro 400.00 to FIH as a contribution in the costs and expenses incurred in the procedure.

    Note: Check of Euro 400.00 must accompany the application form.

  3. A minimum of three original copies of the product must be submitted to FIH for evaluation purposes


    Selection Process


  4. A three-member committee, comprising of the FIH Coaching Manager (co-ordinator) and two FIH experts, will evaluate the application and the product.
  5. At least two Committee members must understand the language used in the resource.


  6. For the time being, FIH DCC aims to deal with resources in English, Spanish and Russian languages only. Applications for products in other languages cannot be attended at this moment.
  7. In exceptional cases, FIH can appoint a qualified translator to assist the Committee.

      Note: Additional cost might incur for translation work. FIH and applicant will have to agree on covering the translation expenses


    Selection Committee members will assess the product for:

    • Presentation quality, content, usefulness and effectiveness as a coaching resource for defined purposes
    • Originality of the product
    • Producer has to declare the ownership of the product so as to avoid claims against FIH for violation of copyrights

    Successful Applications:

    If the Committee finds the quality and effectiveness of the product to be up to acceptable standard, FIH recommendation will be possible.

    The committee will look at the kind of recommendation, which the applicant has asked for and will decide on the wording.


    "Recommended by the FIH Coaching Committee for coaching of technical skills to developing players" or

    "Recommended by the FIH Coaching Committee for coaching of team play concepts for young players and high performance teams".


    Whenever the applicant uses the recommendation he/she shall use the full text.

    In printing and electronically processed documents, the recommendation shall be combined with the official FIH logo.

    The minimum size of logo plus recommendation text shall be 25 mm high and 100 mm wide.

    Unsuccessful Applications:

    The application/s will be discarded, if the presentation quality is found not to be of standard and/or the usefulness of the product too limited. FIH Coaching Manager (Coordinator) will inform the applicant accordingly.


    When the Committee has taken the above decisions, which open the way to recommendation of the resource concerned, the Coaching Manager and/or Chairman DCC will contact the applicant. They will inform the producer of the outcome of the appraisal of the product and agree with him on further Conditions for the FIH recommendation.

    Further conditions shall usually be:

    • The producer is free to make further publicity as he likes, using the FIH recommendation in no other way or form than described above.

    • The producer accepts the wording of the recommendation.

    • The producer makes available to FIH 150 copies of his product for free of charge or at cost price.

    • The FIH will send one copy to every NHA with an explanatory letter. The producer may attach a flyer about his product and ordering information with FIH’s letter.

    • The FIH will use the remaining number of copies for FIH, CHF and National Coaching Courses conducted by FIH course Conductors or other promotional or educational activities by accredited FIH coaches.

    • The FIH will add the product plus the text of the recommendation to the list of FIH recommended coaching resources on the FIH website, with mention of the date of (updated) recommendation and the names of the members of the appraisal committee.

    After the agreement is been reached and signed between FIH and the resource producer, the recommendation and associated rights are awarded by FIH to the producer for the product concerned.

    Modification of the product.

    Any modification and change in the content must be reported to FIH DCC by the producer with a specified period of time, describing the changes made.

    The FIH Coaching Manager will suggest whether to update the recommendation, if the changes are limited and mean improvements, or asked the producer to submit the updated version for the full evaluation procedure. If the latter is decided, the producer shall not use or refer to the original FIH recommendation on his new product until a new recommendation has been awarded.


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