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Argentina Youth Hockey Marathon 2004

This year the Marathon was divided in 6 different locations, within Buenos Aires city and its suburbs:

  • Area 1: Quilmes Athletic Club. Clubs participating: Quilmes “A”,Asoc. Alemana de Quilmes, Universitario de la Plata, Club Santa Bárbara. Tota l: 12 teams.
  • Area 2: Nacional Hockey Stadium, Club Col. Martín Quemes. Clubs participating: C.M. Guemes, Quilmes “B”, Ducilo”A”,Quilmes High School Club. Total: 12 teams.
  • Area 3: Lomas Athletic Club. Clubs participating: Lomas AC, Sociedad Alemana de Gimnasia de  Lomas, Club Berazategui,Club Ducilo”B”. Total: 8 teams.
  • Area 4: Club Gimnasia y Esgrima. Clubs participating: Gimnasia y Esgrima “A” and “B”, Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires “A” and “B”,Club Velez Sarsfield.Total 12 teams.
  • Area 5: Club San Martin. Clubs participating: Club San Martin, Porteño Club, Club Banco Provincia, Club Ferrocarril Mitre. Total: 10 teams.
  • Area 6: Club Banco Nacional de Desarrollo. Clubs participating: Club Banco Nacional de Desarrollo, Club San Fernando “A” and “B”,Hurling Club, Club Sociedad Alemana de Gimnasia.Total: 12 teams.

The Buenos Aires hockey championship schedule had set the Marathon date for May 23rd from the beginning of 2004, with a strating time at 9 am to 12 pm.
Everybody was in time for the event , players, coaches, coordinators , parents and……the rain!!.
Nevertheless this….all players got their hockey sticks and started playing, sometimes under the rain and sometimes under a light drizzle.
Walking along the cheering parents , we have heard: “…could this event have been later in the morning, it’s so early!. Oh…come on Facu…you are doing great!!
Mothers were so enthusiastic, looking for shelter whenever their boys weren’t playing and just beside de field when they were running for the ball.
In spite of the weather all the coordinators were happy that this event was held anyway. Giving them the chance to make the young players share a good sporty spirit.
Mrs Roxana Kocourek de Gonzalez Bonorino, Miss Victoria Zunino, Mr. Pablo Mendoza and Mrs.Ana V de Romanelli members of the AAAH-DCC and Youth promoters want to congratulate all participants.

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