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Lots of prices to be won in Indonesia
9 June 2004
The Hockey Marathon in Indonesia was held in Al-Zaytun, Indramayu Town, West Java. It is field hockey on grass, 11 vs 11. 14 teams participating, under 18. Seven girls team and 7 boys team. It is held the whole Sunday 16 May 2004. 
In Bandung city it was held the 15th  and 16th of May 2004, and opened with a ceremony and balloons into the sky. There was mini hockey, 6 vs 6, on grass, under 18 for girls and boys: 6 girls team and 6 boys teams. Under 12 is mixed, 5 teams participating, in total about 225 players.
All is done in a half competition with a grand finale. And in between there were some skills competition, with at the end,  prices and trophies for the winner: number 1 to 3 in each category. A Fairplay trophy, best player trophy, and winner of the tiktok skills were also given.
The prices were given at the evening of 16 May 2004.
Some highlight are shown in the photographs.
This team already participate in the marathon 2003 and now 2004. It fielded 4 teams: one under 18 girls, one under 18 boys, and two mixed teams under 12. They got number 2 in the under 18 girls, and the under 18 boys got the Fairplay Trophy. The mixed under 12 got also number 2. They also had the best player trophy (it is a girl !)  and the winner of the tiktok competition.
Bandung 9 June 2004
by Primadi Tabrani,
in charge of Youth Hockey.

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