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Serbia and Montenegro

Contact Persons
Kun Szabo Zoltan and Peter Ronjec

Role in NA
Coordinators for the Global Youth Hockey Marathon

When and where?
13-14 May, Subotica; Prvomajska Sport Center

What was the target group?
Teams of children Under 12 and Under 14, and people without hockey experience (parents, friends, fans)

How many people took part?

What was the aim of the event?
The aim of the event was to bring together children of different age groups from neighbouring countries (Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia) and try to make hockey as popular as it once was

Description of the event
There were 11 teams and along with the tournament, children had a chance to show their skills and to exchange their knowledge among each other. Older players, some of them over 60 years old, passed their knowledge to children during clinics on the pitch. Parents and spectators who never played hockey made the event more interesting.

Result of the event
Hockey is now much closer to those parents who never been to a hockey match. Now they are fans and they are supporting their children to play the game. Older players are pleased to see that hockey will get back on the positions it was. Hockey will sustain in this part of Serbia and Montenegro.

Follow-up from the event
The plan is to have more events like this to promote hockey even more to attract more children to hockey and to bring hockey closer to those who never watched a single hockey match.

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