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Contact Person
Sina Mualia

Role in NA

When and where?
13-14 May

What was the target group?
Youth aged 5-19, youth coaches, administrators and umpires

What was the aim of the event?
To ‘kick-start’ hockey programmes in Samoa, especially among youth. The aim was to run practical sessions with children and their coaches. To support this practical activity, a coaching and umpiring seminar was also run. The last activity was aimed at creating an action plan to develop youth hockey structures and competitions

Description of the event
Flyers were sent to invite coaches and interested club members as well as government department representatives.

1. Practical Coaching – Samoa Primary School
Gill and Bruce took 80 Children from the primary school aged 10-13 through a series of hockey relays and small games. Great fun was had by all. The enthusiasm was not even stopped by a thunderstorm. Obviously the locals were used to that as everyone sheltered under the palm trees, and after 10 minutes, the sun was back out and the hockey was back in progress. Four teachers were present and actively took part. Arrangements were made for the CDO to send them some equipment to be able to carry on with developing hockey as a school programme.

2. Coaching of Youth and Volunteers
A three-day seminar was held to introduce volunteer coaches to current hockey techniques and playing structures. Umpiring was a module run on the second day. A two-hour practical session was held on the first night and attended by all seminar participants as well as juniors and club members.

3. Planning of Junior Competition – Seminar
The third day of the seminar was devoted to put in administrative structures to help hockey continue to develop. Each group were given a specific focus to develop a realistic action plan. The group was given a challenge to come up with an identifiable name for junior hockey – this has been organised with other Oceania Countries – Kaji – Fiji, Kiwi – New Zealand, Minkey – Australia and Papua New Guinea. Eight names were put forward to the group and discussed.  The name selected was lapalapa hockey – lapalapa is the base end of the frond of a coconut palm and resembles a hockey stick!

Result of the Event
It was an extremely successful three days. The last day was attended by SASANOC officials and this has resulted in continued support to Samoa Hockey since May. This is recognition of an organised sport.

Follow-up from the event
To follow up on the action plans and to keep in regular contact with the CDO and Bruce Rosemergy to get resources and best practice models.

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