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Contact Person
Marek Cichy

Role in NA
General Secretary

When and where?
26 – 18.05.
Biskupin, Chomiąża Szlachecka, Gąsawa, Rogowo

What was the target group?
Kids under 12, young disabled people, hockey families

How many people took part?
About 600 people

What was the aim of the event?

1) to spread hockey throughout Poland and to show young children that there are many hockey “pals” in different parts of the country

2) to create awareness that disabled people can also enjoy our sport and be part of our hockey family

3) to organize a wonderful and unforgettable hockey event

Description of the event

The Marathon started on Friday welcoming all participants and celebrating the opening of two new school mini hockey pitches in Rogowo and Gąsawa. Both these pitches will allow both towns to develop their hockey environment and hockey base.

After the opening all teams traveled by small train to Biskupin (a well-known archaeological museum and reservation in Middle Europe).

Participants were welcomed in Biskupin by ancient warriors who kidnapped FIH’s CDO for Europe Mr Norman Hughes and tried to cut his head before all participants decided unanimously to save him.

In Biskupin all participants took part in games and shows (horse riding, trips by ship at the lake, shooting from bow, throwing axes).

Saturday morning started with minihockey tournaments for girls (Rogowo) and boys (Gąsawa). At about 5 pm all participants gathered to play more hockey games with disabled people and after that there was a BBQ organised together with a disco for all participants.

During the BBQ and disco, hockey families played small tournaments against each other on the pitch that has lights.

Sunday started with the last mini hockey games. The final games decided on the winners of both tournaments.

The closing ceremony was a great opportunity to hand over all souvenirs and diplomas for the participating teams. Winners were awarded with medals and cups.

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