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Hockey Sixes - an exciting New Game


Through its Development and Coaching Committee and an International Task Force chaired by Derek Wilshere (New Zealand), the FIH proposes an exciting new game - Hockey Sixes.

The Game

The game is a natural partner to our main eleven-a-side game and indoor hockey.  It is based on these and also on small games played for training, recreation and in developing countries.  It is a game which introduces participants to other forms of hockey and also a game in its own right.

Its main features are:

  • it is played on a small pitch half the size of a standard hockey pitch;
  • it can therefore be played across a standard pitch;
  • the sides of the pitch are boards and the ball is allowed to rebound from the boards;
  • goals can be scored from anywhere;
  • points are scored every time the ball crosses the goal line;
  • otherwise, the standard rules of hockey generally apply.

The Rules

A draft set of rules has been produced.  They are available here on this website by clicking here.

Who is the game for?

The game is particularly suited to developing countries and where only half-size pitches are available.

It provides an ideal format for a short sharp tournament perhaps over a day or a weekend.

Competitive opportunity

Member countries of FIH and their hockey communities are encouraged to try this game at all levels.  It has been trialled with great success in several member countries already.

We want feedback

We are keen to receive feedback about Hockey Sixes so that it can be developed and promoted.  We have designed a questionnaire for this purpose; you can find it by clicking here.

So that we can review feedback comprehensively and work on the next steps to develop the game, we would appreciate responses to the questionnaire by 30 September 2007.

Els van Breda Vriesman
FIH President.
4 June 2007

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