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Indoor hockey is an exciting and enjoyable version of the game.  In many ways it is very much like outdoor hockey – but in some ways it is also different.  This is especially because it involves fewer players and is played on a hard surface – usually, but not always, indoors in a sports hall. 

Building on the very successful Samsung Indoor Hockey World Cup at the beginning of 2007, the FIH Hockey Rules Board has established a taskforce to look closely at the Rules of Indoor Hockey.  It is examining various ways in which the game might become even more exciting and enjoyable.  However, before possibly making any formal changes to the rules, it would like practical feedback on two of its ideas through rules trials. 

One of the trials requires at least one player always to be outside their team’s defensive half of the pitch.  In the other trial, a free push taken by a team inside the half of the pitch they are attacking must not be played directly into the circle. 

A more complete explanation of the trials is available on this website by clicking here

To help set up trials and to encourage feedback, a form is available by clicking here which provides a description of both rules and provides a means of submitting feedback. 

Using trial rules is voluntary but the Hockey Rules Board hopes they will be adopted in various national and local competitions.  If you plan to use either or both of the trials in your matches or competition please let us know by email to – and after the event let us have your feedback on the forms mentioned above.

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