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After eight rounds the Olympic Hockey Quiz of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has come to a conclusion.

Please find below all the questions, answers and winners.

Question 8: Which match was the first Olympic men's match to be decided after a penalty stroke competition?

Answer: The first Olympic men's match to be decided after a penalty stroke competition was when Poland defeated France in Munich 1972 for the 11th place.

Winner: Fauzia Karim Bashir from Croydon, United Kingdom

Question 7:

When was the last time the men's Olympic gold medal match did not feature a single European country?

Answer: Montreal 1976 when New Zealand defeated Australia 1-0.

Winner: Martin Bishop from Kellyville, NSW, Australia

Question 6:

Which women's teams have won Olympic Gold on home soil?

Answer:  Spain in Barcelona 1992 and Australia in Sydney 2000.

Winner: Olivier Plate from Ste Foy-les-Lyon, France

Question 5:

When was the first time the Olympic hockey tournament was played on artificial turf?

Answer:  1976 in Montreal.

Winner: Stanislav Pata from Prague, Czech Republic

Question 4:

Which countries have won Olympic gold in both Men's and Women's Hockey?

Answer:  Australia, Germany and Netherlands.

Winner: Tom Kool from Nieuwekerk aan den IJssel in Netherlands.

Question 3:

In Athens 2004 Australia won Olympic Gold by defeating Netherlands in the final through a golden goal. Who was the goal scorer of this golden goal?

Answer: Jamie Dwyer.

Winner: Sonja Eckertz from Essen, Germany.

Question 2:

Which country won the first Olympic Gold Medal in Women’s hockey?

Answer: Zimbabwe.

Winner: Brandon Braganza from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Question 1:

Hockey first appeared at the Olympic Games at London 1908. Who were the participating teams?

Answer: England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Winner: Katie Forsyth from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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