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Zambia’s population is 12 million people; it is one of the poorest nations in Africa.

The “Sports for Hope – Hockey Pitch for Zambia” project will have a deep impact in the region and will help to make a huge difference to the lives of many people in this corner of Africa. It will be not only one of the sport centers in the area, but the focal point in the region which enables people to get together and build a community spirit through physical activity.

(Young) people will physically, socially, and mentally benefit from the sport, thereby improving their productivity and social well-being. Through the sport of hockey young people can experience the value of team sport like practice, patience, and persistence and combine sport with culture and education. In addition to these direct benefits, (hockey) sport programs will be used as a communication vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles and to prevent youths forming harmful habits such as tobacco and drug use.  As soon as the hockey pitch has been established a long term development program will be put in place in order to boost the involvement of young people in hockey and support their holistic growth.

The Sports for Hope project will enable the community to have the same opportunities as their peers in developed countries by practicing sport and being educated in the values of sportsmanship. It will create hope for people for a better future where currently very little hope exists.

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