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There is a real enthusiasm about the Sports for Hope project in Zambia. The project will have a significant influence on people’s lives in the area not just in hockey but on a wider, social level. It is not just about a few kids playing hockey in Lusaka, the Sport Centre will be the focal point for all the community which enables the involvement of all age groups, while bringing together young people and different groups together who would otherwise rarely interact. Sport has the capacity to influence and transform individual life and more importantly, contributes to and facilitates larger social change within and across society. It bridges divides between societies with radically different views of the world, enables physical and recreational opportunities. The project will enable personal skill development and foster trust.

FIH is sure that this project will increase the popularity and awareness of hockey in this area, more players will be recruited in all age categories and the project will stimulate the development of hockey.

FIH has found a reliable turf manufacturer, and in order to successfully complete the project and construct the turf, FIH is already active with fundraising by involving sponsors, national federations, the hockey audience at international events and trying to find new ways to promote the project and obtain more support.

As soon as the pitch installation has been finished, a hockey development program will be established which would guarantee the permanent use of the hockey complex in different ways.

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