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A Dutch Carnival
S. Thjyagarajan takes a look at an eventful and enjoyable Rabobank Hockey Champions Trophy...
World Hockey's Expert Helmswoman
S. Thyagarajan interviews FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman:COMPETITIVE hockey acquired a new touch of dynamism with the elevation of Ms. Els van Breda Vriesmann as President of the International Hockey Federation in 2001...
Pakistan Team's Performance at the GEW Men's Champions Trophy
Roundup by Sardar Khan...
Tibor Weißenborn: Young Dynamic Successful
The FIH Young Player of the Year from Berlin talks to Claudia Klatt...
A Dream Team full of talent and skill
Graciela Ortiz looks at the Women's Champions Trophy Dream Team...
Pakistan Seen from the opponents perspective
FIH Master Coach Maurits Hendriks surveys the recent changes in Pakistan's coaching setup
The Hard Way to the Top
Luciana Aymar, FIH Player of the Year 2001, talks to Eric Weil...
The Sky's the Limit
Erin Beal charts the rise of FIH Young Player of the Year, Australian Angie Skirving...
Ken Wilson examines Asian Hockey for BBC World Service
link to audio file. Real Player required
Prepare to Win
Interview Hendricks by S. Thyagarajan
Germany's Dream Comes True
by S. Thyagarajan
Take a girl like you
Julie Welch interviews England's Denise Marston-Smith in OSM
A Year of Romance Rumpus and Resurgence
by S. Thyagarajan
S. Thyagarajan previews the FIH Committee Meetings in Brussels

"The Subject of Rule Changes is Complex"
Interview with Peter Cohen, FIH Honorary Secretary General
The Right Direction
Interview with FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman
New Institutional Strength for Pakistan Hockey
Extract from World Hockey Magazine April 2001
Teaching the Teachers
Extract from World Hockey Magazine April 2001
Buenos Aires - Most European City in South America
Extract from World Hockey Magazine - April 2001
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