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'Roles and Responsibilities of the FIH Course Director'

The FIH Course Director is appointed by the Chairman of FIHDCC as an Administrative Manager for the event and is responsible for foreseeing the overall implementation and execution of all the plans related to the successful organization of the course program. Head Course Conductor is responsible for all the technical aspects of the course. He/she should arrange and resolve all the technical matters that are related to the program. The Course Director and Head Conductor and should maintain a close working contact with each other. They should maintained and match their check-lists to complement each other’s work.

The Course Director should have the full knowledge of the FIH guidelines for organizing the FIH coaching course and the rules and regulations of the Coaches accreditation process and should manage his responsibilities accordingly.


The Course Director, been the highest authority from FIH during the course event, should foresee the smooth and successful organization of the entire program. In this administrative capacity, the course director must insist and demand a complete and satisfactory implementation of all the pre-requisites of the program from the local coordinator and officials. Additionally, he must work closely with the Head Conductor to ensure the standard of the event.

The course director is the main interface between FIH office and Host National Hockey Association (NHA) and for all practical purposes, would interact with the two governing bodies to handle and/or to resolve any issues pertaining to the successful organization of the entire program.

The Course Director should ensure the complete realization of all the plans in accordance with the agreed terms between FIH and Host NHA for the organization of the program.

He should be firm on the quality fulfillment of all the services and facilities for guaranteeing the high standard of the program.

The course director should be present in all sessions of the course.

The Course Director;

Should establish early contact with the head conductor and get information about the whole program. Based on the information and requirements devise a working plan to manage the whole program.

Compile a list of equipment, tools, and training aids required by course conductors for their presentations, at least 30 days in advance, and forward it to the concern officials of Host NHA’s for appropriate action.

FIHDCC has a specific and standard format for the equipment list and could be obtained from FIH Coaching Manager.

Should check and thoroughly examine the availability and working status of all the pre-requested facilities/tools and other training aids for the course with the local coordinator and the head conductor well before the commencement of the course program.

Should participate in the day evaluation meeting.

Should ensure proper and appropriate arrangements for the availability of the local transportation for the course.

Should assist participants with their special request like extension of the stay, late checkout and similar stuff.

One day before the start of the actual course, the Course Director must arrange a formal First Meeting with all the course conductors, head conductor, Local coordinator and other local officials to discuss in detail the preparations of the program.

FIHDCC has a specific and standard format for the meeting agenda and could be obtained from FIH Coaching Manager.

Should ensure that the registration took place on the evening before the commencement of the actual course programme.

Should informally welcome/introduce participants and conductors during the pre-course dinner.

Should prepare with consultation of local coordinator and ensure distribution of 'in-house rules' for participants. Must mentions about the additional hotel charges for the use of various facilities or extended staying period.

Should monitor and supervise the registration process of the course. In this respect, he/she should acquire the list of participants with their participation fee information in advance from FIH.

He/she should collect the participation fee at the time of registration from those who requested to pay on arrival at course venue and take adequate measures to transfer the money to FIH according to the FIH’s finance department advice.

Should gather all the information like bank account number, etc. from the FIH head office before the start of the event.

Should ensure timely distribution and collection of course evaluation sheets from the participants.

Should request the local coordinator for a Group photo of participants and staff members and for other activities of the course. It is advised to bring his/her own camera to take these photos.

Should send a short pictorial (some photographs) by email to FIH Coaching Manager with his/her report.

Should aggressively lead the public relation activities related to the program.

Must actively arrange with local coordinator for proper media coverage, and promotion activities etc.

Should ensure that appropriate press releases are issued at the time of:

  • First announcement of the course

  • Final registration of the course

  • Commencement of the course

  • Conclusion of the course

  • Results / appointment announcement (if any)

The specimens of these press releases are available with FIHDCC and could be obtained from FIH Coaching Manager.

Should request Ms. Catherine Tummers of FIH well in advance, for the souvenirs/gift for the course conductors and Host NHA.

Ensure that the souvenirs are presented to the concerned people/ officials at the closing ceremony/dinner (Take advice from local Coordinator and consult FIH coaching manager for assistance)

If required, should address at the opening and closing ceremonies on behalf of FIH.

Should request FIH to issue and dispatch the participation certificate of the course attendees. Double-check the entries (name, etc.) on Certificates for verification.

Certificates of participation should be distributed at the official dinner.

Should distribute and collect participant’s information sheets and send them to FIH Coaching Manager for inputting the relevant data into participant's database.

FIHDCC has a specific and standard format for the participant’s information sheet and could be obtained from FIH Coaching Manager.

Should have the full knowledge of participant’s assessments process and rules governing this assessment. Participant’s assessment criterion can be found in FIH Guidelines for coaching Courses.

As a Course Director you should be ready to face and resolve unexpected situations, especially related to the course facilities and/or tools. Prepare a backup plan in advance to cater issues arising from such situations.

Participants' network

Should create a network from the course participants and appoint a coordinator with the consultation of the head conductor and should send the details to FIH coaching Manager to include in the FIH Course participants' networks. Further details can be obtained from FIH Coaching Manager.

Course Evaluation

Should distribute and collect the participants' course evaluation sheets and send the compact version of participants' observations and suggestions to Chairman FIHDCC along with original sheets. New format of the course evaluation sheets can be obtained from FIHDCC.

Course Report

Should send the course report to Chairman FIHDCC with in 20 days after the completion of the course and ensure that the Conductors' technical report should also reach Chairman FIHDCC. The new format of the Official Course Director report forms can be obtained from FIHDCC.

Note: Should you need further assistance please contact Tayyab Ikram FIH Coaching Manager or Mrs. Catherine Tummers FIH Admin Manager at FIH Office.


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