Attending an event is the ultimate sport and sponsorship experience for both fans and hospitality guests. If implemented well it can provide a basis for on-going loyalty to both event and sponsor.

Sports Marketing Surveys has conducted over 40,000 interviews with fans at events per year.  It has a dedicated research team designing questionnaires, implementing fieldwork, analysing responses and providing insightful reports and recommendations for improvements to further enhance the experience.

There are a number of different methodologies best suited to different types of events and information requirements:

  • At event interviews – most likely face-to-face to gauge full opinions from the spectators, but also via accompanied or self-completion on computer terminals or by traditional pen and paper.
  • Recruit and follow up – a popular practice at events where time is short and the fan has little “time out” to talk with an interviewer.  This method also has the advantage of allowing the full experience to have taken place before a telephone follow up call the week after the event.
  • Internet/email surveys – used mostly for hospitality guests to give an opinion in confidence after the event.  However, with tickets being purchased through the internet is proving a good method to contact attendees after the event.

Event research provides the most fundamental feedback from the core and loyal fan and guest attending the event.

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