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Sports Marketing Surveys works with sports federations, venues, cities, operators (tour, event and facility) and local government authorities.

Our services cover aspects of sports participation, future trends, images, development, and measuring the impact of hosting events and activities.

Sports – Fundamental to most of our work is the understanding of the number of people who play or participate in sports and leisure activities.  Work can be on a bespoke or tailored basis for clients and in addition we publish a number of studies in key markets that include:

  • European Sports Participant and Fan Survey – 1,000 interviews in the main 5 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) profiling participants and TV viewers.
  • SLAM (Sports & Leisure Activity Monitor) – Individual reports on sports  providing data on - participation, interest, images, sponsorship, media coverage, infrastructure and hospitality.  The sports include – Cricket, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Rugby (League & Union), Sailing and Tennis.  Reports are from £250 + VAT
  • SLAM is focused on the UK market, and analysis of key sports in other countries is being developed, with the Belgium Sports Survey published in Spring 2006.

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  • We also have a wide range of information on our database for most sports – please contact us for more details.

Leisure – Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted at sports and leisure based venues including leisure centres, swimming pools, fitness suites, hotel complexes, and golf driving ranges for example.  Feedback from the customer helps operators and owners to improve services and facilities.  We provide either tailored research programmes or implement our Centre Facts standard analysis for user and non-user surveys.

Sports Tourism - This is a fast growing market where we work with tourist boards, tour operators and tourist destinations to profile visitors, assess the economic impact and to develop bespoke business models.  Sports Marketing Surveys has designed a Tourism Impact Model using experience and knowledge of sports-based tourism.  This model helps tourist boards; venues and bidding cities evaluate the impact of sports events and pastimes on tourism in their area, region or country.

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