Selection & Valuation

After the initial decision has been taken to use sponsorship as a marketing tool, it is vital to ensure that the most appropriate sponsorship is selected.  It is also essential from both the rights holder's and sponsor’s point of view, to have an independent assessment of the value of a sponsorship property.

Sports Marketing Surveys and SponsorMetrix have combined their sponsorship expertise, media data and research capabilities to provide the industry with unique and robust sponsorship valuations:

  • Selection Model - This model has been developed by Sports Marketing Surveys to help sponsors select the most appropriate sponsorship which meets their key objectives and criteria.   A two- to three-stage process guides the sponsor to select a sector (sports, arts, culture, environment, broadcast), the type of property, and then focuses on specific properties for final selection. This helps sponsors to set realistic targets and objectives for the subsequent measurement of success!
  • Valuation - Sports Marketing Surveys undertakes a valuation service for rights holders, event owners, sponsors and those holding property rights. 



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