Sports Marketing Surveys applies the following model to monitor measure and evaluate sponsorships based on the values of AIDA:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Opportunity to See:  The first element of any sponsorship is to ensure that it gains exposure through the relevant media – TV, press, internet, radio, mobile phones.  Sports Marketing Surveys has a specialist media evaluation team that monitors the quantity, quality and monetary return of brand exposure.

Impact: The impact of a sponsorship is measured through a variety of research techniques dependent upon target markets and objectives.  The level of impact is in four key stages – 1. Association, 2. Image, 3. Favourability and 4.Consideration to purchase or use.  The time involvement of the sponsor and the level of activation and support behind the campaign will impact on this consideration and purchase.

Sports Marketing Surveys offer a range of products and services including bespoke research and syndicated trackers to measure sponsorship impact.

In addition to monitoring and evaluating current sponsorships we are also able to help in the selection of a property for a sponsor to be associated with, and to estimate its market value.


Sponsorship Impact Research

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