Affiliations & Partnerships


Sports Marketing Surveys is proud to partner organisations in providing information and services:

  • European Tour – Official Supplier of Player Equipment Surveys
  • AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club) – Official Supplier of the Wimbledon Equipment Census
  • OTRC (Olympic Television Research Centre) – Providers of worldwide TV reports for all the Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1992
  • TIA (Tennis Industries Association) – Research providers to the US tennis industry
  • SGMA – Sports Research Partners, delivering research to members and providing participation data on over 100 sports in the USA
  • KLPGA (Korean Ladies PGA) – Official Research Partner
  • BOA (British Olympic Association) – Official Supplier of Market Research


  • Stadia - Official Research Partner for spectator surveys


Sports Marketing Surveys is a full service independent research company and adheres to high professional standards, reflected by our affiliation to specialist organisations.  In addition, our research executives are individual members of The Market Research Society and hold the relevant diplomas and qualifications.

  • AEMRI (Association of European Market Research Institutes)


  • EGIA (European Golf Industries Association)
  • ESA (European Sponsorship Association)
  • ESOMAR (European Market Research Society)
  • GCA (Golf Consultants Association)
  • MIA (Motorsport Industries Association)
  • MRS (Market Research Society)


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