Sports Marketing Research Trust

The Sports Marketing Research Trust is a fund which can be distributed to sports organisations to support research projects which they do not have the resources to implement themselves.

The objective of the Sports Marketing Research Trust (SMRT) is to assist governing bodies, sporting charities, sports trusts and other not-for-profit sports organisations by providing grants for approved research projects.

To qualify for a grant, applicants must complete an application form, giving details for their organisation and the research project they wish to undertake.  Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate to the panel their financial need and the benefits which the research will bring to their sport.

The project will be supervised by Sports Marketing Surveys.  The direct costs will be met by the SMRT and the administration of the project and existing non-exclusive data will be provided by Sports Marketing Surveys at no cost.

Sports Marketing Surveys has guaranteed £100,000 to the Sports Marketing Research Trust over the next five years. 

For more details download a brochure

The Trust is currently only available within the UK, but Sports Marketing Surveys is looking to extend this within its operational network.

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Sports Marketing Research Trust Brochure

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